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Locally Sourced Travel Cuba

Have you got a question about one of our Cuba tours or travel to Cuba in general? Ask us here.

Our Cuba Tour Guides

Our Locally Sourced Cuba Team is a group of Cuba tour experts dedicated to making your Cuba tour experience the best it can possibly be.Whether it be one of our local Cuba tour guides, a driver and his classic car, a Casa Particular owner, dive master, salsa teacher, bar tender or a local farmer – each person you meet in Cuba will help make your trip that much more special.

Below we look to profile a small selection of the Locally Sourced Cuba team including our wonderful, passionate local Cuba tour guides. Learn more about the selection and training of our local Cuban tour guides here.

Yaniel is one of our Cuba Tour Guides

Meet Yaniel. Yaniel is one of our local Cuba tour guides and loves nothing more than showcasing the country he loves to various visitors from around the world. There isn’t a street in Havana that Yaniel doesn’t know and he is sure to provide a unique perspective about a city with so much history. Yaniel is a graduate of English literature from the University of Havana, and has previously worked as English teacher,

Meet Aniorland. Aniorland is one of our most experienced and knowledgable guides with a love for the great outdoors. Having studied Indusrial Engineering at Universidad Central Marta Abreu de Las Villas, Aniorland is able to offer a unique perspective on his homeland, its past and it future. Compassionate and caring are two qualities that shine through in Aniorland’s guiding and we love having him on our team.

Meet Orlen. Orlen studied Art History at the University of Oriente in Santiago de Cuba. He is passionate about working as a tour guide working and loves to share experiences with people from all over the world introducing them to the ‘real Cuba.

“My most sincere wish is that you have a great time here on this beautiful Island.”

Meet Daniel. Daniel wants to introduce you to the Cuba he loves! Daniel grew up in Camaguey and went to university in Santa Clara.   He has a passion for culture and history and appreciates the legacy left to the Cuban people by those who have shaped it. Although he is a trained engineer specializing in automatic control, working as a tour leader has allowed him to fulfil a lifetime dream, as he shares Cuba’s traditions and natural beauty with clients. So if you are planning to dance the night away or sit down and discuss Cuba’s history, Daniel is your man.

Meet Yoli. Yolenis was trained as an English Language teacher in Camguey and has also worked as a waitress, translator,  interpreter, and art gallery manager.  Yoli’s favourite place in Cuba is Trinidad where she likes spending time in the great outdoors.

Yoli is fun, caring and enthusiastic, and a real asset to the Locally Sourced Team.

Meet Jorgito. Jorgito has worked in the Cuban tourism sector for 12+ years. He loves to showcase Cuban music and dance and also enjoys exploring the great outdoors.

He is very proud of the uniqueness of Cuba, a piece of paradise that he loves to show to others.


Meet Yohandro. Yohandro is 32 years old and has a degree in Social Communication and a qualification in Spanish as a Foreign Language. Yohandro has also been teacher, writer, designer, promoter and tour leader. He loves hiking and spending time by the river. His favourite destination in Cuba is the “hot land” (Santiago de Cuba), where he grew up.


Meet Ihosvany. Ihosvany is 29 years old, and used to work as an engineer before starting work as a tour guide. He loves being a guide as it enables him to meet interesting people from all over the world, while visiting many wondeful destinations across Cuba. Ihosvany has lived in Havana since 2013 and loves visitng the historic places as well as taking an interest in the city’s architecture. Ihosvany is a keen sportsman, and loves to spend time with friends and family.

Meet Yunier. Yunier Gonzalez graduated as a translator and interpreter in English and French in Camaguey. He is friendly, kind , reliable and passionate about his country. His favourite cities are Havana, Trinidad and Camaguey. He a is enthusiastic, talented, with a wonderful sense of humour.

Meet Pedro. Pedro studied medicine in Camaguey. He loves being a tour guide and favorite city is Trinidad. He loves outdoor activities and dancing but his favourite activity  is visiting the Museum of Fine Art in Havana. He is kind, accommodating, attentive and very knowledgable.Pedro will go out of his way to make your Cuba adventure the most memorable one!

Meet Barbara (Baby). Baby graduated from University with an English and French lanuguage degree. After university she taught both English and French before coming to work as a Cuba tour guide for Locally Sourced Cuba Tours. Baby is fun, full of life and kind hearted and we love having her as part of our team. Baby is passionate about Cuba and its culture, and is always willing to share a local insight into the country and its people.

Meet Yoelys. Yoelys studied English and French ar the University of Camaguey and worked as an English teacher ar a technical school. Yoelys really loves being a tour guide and loves to show the Cuban way of life to his clients. His favorite destination is Havana but he love Camaguey as well.If you want to see the real Cuba… tour with Yoelys!

Meet Carlos. Carlos is from Camaguey, the biggest province in Cuba. He has a college degree in Automatic Systems Engineering and worked in the modern sugar industry located in the south for many months. Computer programming, industrial measurement and control systems are his passion.

Carlos loves to work with people from different backgrounds, gaining an understanding of their life experiences and cultures.


Carlos is a fan of the cinema and music and loves snorkelling and diving at the historical Bay of Pigs.

Meet Javier. Yavier loves his job as a guide, traveling and meeting new people. Javier trained as a engineer in Control Systems for five years in UCLV University and worked for two as an specialist in power generation in his hometown.

He loves to pass on his knowledge and passion for the Cuban culture to visitors, ensuring they have the opportunity to experience the best the country has to offer in safety and comfort; and to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism. His favourite activity: DANCING, where? ANYWHERE.

Meet Patricia. Patricia studied English and French at the Universities of Havana and Las Villas and was an English and French professor at the University of Cienfuegos for 3 years. Patricia loves her current job as a tour guide because she very proud of her country and its people and really enjoys showing the clients the real life in Cuba and the most beautiful places there are to visit. Patricia always wears a large smile, while showing our clients the very best that Cuba has to offer.

Meet Lianne. Lianne is  our resident Havana Tour guide, so gets to spend some time with most of our Tour Groups. Don’t let her size fool you… Lianne has the lung capacity to talk to large groups and keep their attention. Lianne is based in Havana full time, and we don’t think we have ever seen her not smiling!

Meet Yuri. Yuri is another one of our guide from Camaguey who studied medicine at University.  Yuri graduated with two specialties – family medicine and internal medicine. You could simply sit a speak to Yuri for hours about Cuba, and his knowledge is second to none. Not only a doctor, Yuri is also very charismatic, personable and a lot of fun to be around – the full package it would seem!


Cuba Tour Guide Santiaguito

Meet Santiaguito. Having graduated as an English language teacher, Santiaguito brings a fantastic enthusiasm and energy to all of the tour groups he takes. Santiaguito is very compassionate and easy going with a great sense of humour. His favourite place to visit on tour is el Morro in Havana and he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sports trivia!

Meet Yaniet. Yaniet is another of our guides to grow up in Camagüey. She has a degree in English Language from the University of Camagüey and used to work as a teacher there.
“Being a tour guide is a wonderful experience for me and a big challenge which is what interested me in the first place.  I find it very rewarding to show other people my beautiful country, that they thank me for it and gain more knowledge at the same time. Isn’t it the best?”

Raydel is one of our Dance Cuba Tour Guides

Meet Raydel. Raydel is our resident Cuban dance expert and one of our Dance Cuba tour guides. With a Masters degree in Automation, a love of competitive cycling and large amounts of Cuban spark, Raydel is definitely someone you want to get to know in Cuba. His passion and energy for Cuban music and dance just might make you get up and move yourself!

Meet Anilka. Anilka is our Local Tour Coordinator in Cuba, and boy does she do a great job. Anilka has also been a Cuba tour guide herself so knows what it takes to organise and lead a good tour. Based in Havana, Anilka has a great sense of humour and is always willing to learn and provide our clients with the best service possible.

Danny is one of our Cuba Tour Guides

Meet Danny. Danny is one of the knowledgeable, energetic Cuba tour guides we use at Locally Sourced tours. Like a lot of Cubans, Danny is a real all rounder being a very talented sportsman and IT Engineer. Danny is also a former representative of the Cuban national rollerskating team.

Manolo is one of our Cuba Tour Guides

Meet Monolo. Another of our cuba tour guides, Monolo is from Baracoa. Monolo is very caring and attentive and always puts the needs of his tour participants first. Monolo is known in some circles as a bit of a practical jokester so you can be guaranteed lots of laughs when in his presence.

Casa Particular Owner in Vinales

Meet Yolanda. Yolanda runs a Casa Particular (Cuban homestay) in the beautiful Vinales. Yolanda is very much the boss of a large family that occupies most of one street. Yolanda has two daughters, both of whom also have Casa’s. Yolanda is well known for her delicious homemade cuisine and is said to source the best fruit in Cuba for her guests.

Romey is a founder of Locally Sourced Cuba Tours and one of our Cuba Tours Guides

Meet Romey. Romey is one of the Founders of Locally Sourced Cuba Tours and a very accomplished Cuba tour guide. Romey has been in the Cuba tourism industry for over 10 years and is passionate about the country he wants to showcase to the world. Romey is a keen photographer, spear fisherman and cyclist as well as an accomplished sportsman. Romey is always busy looking for the next excursion or experience to take travellers to Cuba on!

Jesus is a Casa Particular owner in Trinidad

Meet Jesus. If you are looking for someone in Trinidad who knows everyone, Jesus is probably your man. Aside from building and operating a very well run accommodation empire in the heart of Trinidad, Jesus is also a talented barman. If you ever get the chance to try his Canchanchara, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Classic Car Driver in Cuba

Meet Guille. Guille drives a Chevy 53 and prides himself on always being on time. Born and raised in Santiago, Guille is passionate about old American cars and will always greet his passengers with a big hola and smile.

Singer in Vinales

Meet Juancy. A budding musician, you can catch Juancy, his voice and his guitar most nights in and around Vinales. Juancy represents the heart and soul of Cuban music and dance. He’s not a professional musician, but we think he is definitely good enough to be one!

Another Casa owner in Trinidad

Meet Anais. Anais is the wife of Jesus and helps run their Casa Particular ‘empire’ in Trinidad. Should you be lucky enough to meet her, Anais is famous for her legendary bean soup and big smile!

Casa Particular in Baracoa

Meet Rosita & Ivan. They both run a very homely Casa Particular in the wild surroundings of Baracoa. Ivan is an ex-police captain so you can guarantee the Casa is always well managed and very safe! Rosita is the mother of one of the guides we use at Locally Sourced and cooks the most delicious octopus in Cuba (we think so anyway).

Cuba Dive Instructor in Cienfuegos

Meet Jose. Jose is a local Dive Master in the Cienfuegos province. Often seen wearing his ‘Dive Now, Work Later’ sweater, Jose is passionate about diving, diver safety and the ocean. Jose loves his work and loves to showcase Cuba below and above the water.

Another Classic Car Driver in Cuba

Meet Jose. Jose is a driver in Trinidad who loves his Chevy 55. Jose is always happy to take travelers in Trinidad for a ride in his beloved automobile. A ride to Playa Ancon or an historic sugar mill might be on the cards when you meet him perhaps?

Meet Palmero. Palmero drives a mint conditioned 50’s Pontiac. To say he is passionate about the car would be an understatement. Palmero is quoted as saying with a big grin “I will lend you my wife before I lend you my car.”

Salsa dance teacher in Vinales

Meet Raydel. Another Raydel who is an expert salsa dancer and instructor – there must be something in the name! Raydel helps take local salsa classes in Vinales and can be found most nights on the dance floor at the lively Centro Cultural Polo Martinez.

Cuba Tour guide in Gibara

Meet Joselin. Where do we start with Joselin? There is probably not a single person in Gibara who doesn’t know him! Joselin is a geologist by trade and a cave diver and explorer in his spare time. He also happens to sing in the local rock band which performs for the town on auspicious occasions. You might just be lucky enough to catch him singing a Beatles cover song on a blustery night.