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Locally Sourced Travel Cuba

Have you got a question about one of our Cuba tours or travel to Cuba in general? Ask us here.

Recruitment and Training for our Cuba Guides

The Locally Sourced Cuba Family

Our local Cuba Guides are at the forefront of our organization and are committed to showing our clients the ‘Real Cuba’, away from the crowds. They are absolutely crucial to our success as an organization and are all part of the ‘locally sourced family’.

All of our local Cuba tour guides are Cuban nationals, University graduates and come from all over Cuba including Baracoa, Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey and of course Havana.  They also come from diverse backgrounds (engineering, languages, sports, science), and speak a variety of different languages.

Our team of Cuba guides always put our clients first and are driven to creating memorable, enjoyable and safe tour experiences.

Manglito Beach in Baracoa

Danny on tour with a tour participant at Manglito Beach in Baracoa

Selection and Training

We take extra special care and attention to recruit and train guides that have a passion for showcasing their country with enthusiasm and care. One of our founders, Romey Chuit (a Cuban national and former Cuba guide himself), carefully selects and trains our guides to deliver a service that meets the ‘locally sourced’ stamp of approval. Our local Cuba guides are chosen based on the following selection criteria.

Local Cuba Guides

Romey speaks with a local guide in Trinidad








–       TEAM WORK

All of our Cuba tour guides are licensed with the relevant Cuban authorities, and spend a substantial amount of time training with our other more experienced guides before being asked to host a group. Specifically, our guides must learn and commit to our responsible tourism policy to ensure that when we run our tours, we leaving as small a footprint as possible on the environment and Cuban culture.

Our Cuba guides on tour

The aim of your Cuba guide is to provide you unrivalled access to Cuban society in a fun and respectful way. Cuba is not an easy destination to understand and you will most likely have many questions along your journey. Your guide is there is answer these questions as best he or she can. Alongside this, your guide will make your trip hassle-free, provide information on each of the destinations you visit, recommend optional activities and restaurants, and introduce you to a variety of Cuban locals, each with their own story to share.

We encourage our guides to share their views and opinions with our travellers about their country and what it is like to live in it.

Because our tours cater to a wide variety of people and there is a large amount of flexibility and free time we encourage you to ask your guide for specific recommendations and for help in organising activities you are interested in.

Most importantly, your guide is there to make sure you have an amazing time on your tour. If there is anything preventing this from happening, consult your guide immediately and he or she will take the necessary steps to alleviate the problem.

Cruise the streets of Havana on a Cuba tour

Lianne on a Havana day tour

Tipping your guide on tour

While tipping is not compulsory on tour, we do encourage that you tip your Cuba guide appropriately for good service. The amount that you choose to tip your guide should be based on your satisfaction with the tour services they have provided you with, the length of the tour and of course your financial situation.

Sometimes you might decide as a tour group that you will tip the guide a certain amount, or you might decide to do this personally.

As a guideline, our tour participants often tip our guides anywhere between 5CUC and 60CUC at the end of their tour as a thank you to the guide for making their holiday so memorable. You should never feel pressured to provide a tip and if you have been put in this situation please contact to discuss this with our team.