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Locally Sourced Travel Cuba

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Protecting Cuba’s Environment

Be a responsible traveller! To help protect the natural environment, please follow these guidelines on your next visit to Cuba.

The land is the property of a great family, some of whom are living, a few of whom are dead, most of whom are yet to come.”

Protect Plants & Wildlife

You may be among those who really like to visit natural areas. If you are, always remember that these areas are also home to many other species. Whether tramping through the forest, picnicking beside a river, or swimming at the beach, you are a visitor in someone’s home. Treat Cuba’s forests and birds with care and respect

Remove Rubbish

Litter is unattractive, harmful to wildlife and can increase vermin and disease. Plan your visits to reduce rubbish and carry out what you carry in.

Keep Streams & Lakes Clean

In parts of Cuba, toilet waste and rubbish contamination have already polluted the water in its lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Do you part and be responsible with your waste.

Treat your Accommodation and Host Family with Respect

It doesn’t matter if you are camping, lodging, staying with a host family, or in a hotel – you should leave no trace of your visit.

Respect Cuba’s Cultural Heritage

Many places in Cuba have cultural or historical significance. Treat these places with consideration and respect

Keep to the Track

Keep to the track if there is one. You will lessen the likelihood of damaging plants or disturbing local wildlife

Consider Other People

Be considerate of locals and other travellers, who all have the right to enjoy Cuba’s beautiful surroundings