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Locally Sourced Travel Cuba

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Welcome to our blog on all things Cuba. We will use this forum to highlight some of our impressions, reflections and opinions on Cuba in the present day and its future. We will also use this forum to highlight any experiences, excursions, activities and events that we feel you should know about. We welcome your comments and feedback!

Planning a Trip to Cuba next Year? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering taking a trip to Cuba next year? Heck, you would probably want to take a trip to Cuba tomorrow. Maybe even right now! You can just call in sick for a couple of… weeks. Cuba is a truly magical place and you will have the best time imaginable. In order to make […]

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Planes, Trains and the Road: The Best Ways to Travel Around Cuba

Arriving in a foreign country is just the beginning of the beautiful battle. Unless you will be spending the entirety of your time in the city your plane touches down in, you will need to negotiate your way around the country, often using a variety of modes of transport. Even when you’re staying in a […]

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Size Doesn’t Matter: 4 Stunning Small Towns in Cuba

Sure, the hustle and bustle of a big city can be exciting, but it feels like a waste to visit an exotic destination and only see the big cities. This is why the concept of the day trip can be fun – to get away from the big smoke and explore parts of a country […]

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A Truly Surprising Destination: What Is Cuba Known For?

When asking what is Cuba known for, there are probably a few obvious things that spring to mind. There’s the fact that Cuba and the US were in each other’s bad books for rather a few decades (which is now changing). There are also the sensational cocktails, which are of course best enjoyed on a […]

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Not Such a Quiet Little Village: What to Do in Viñales

Making a small side trip or day trip can be a difficult choice when you travel. Is it worth the time and effort? Maybe that quiet little village is so quiet that all there is to do is to watch the paint dry. You might spend your time at this secondary destination regretting your choices […]

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Shop Until You Need a Mojito: The Best Souvenirs from Cuba

Cuba is not regarded as one of the best countries for shopping, and yet there are many wonderful souvenirs from Cuba that you can take home to enjoy. These items will remind you of your glorious time in the country, and you might find yourself staring fondly at something you’ve brought home from Cuba, absent […]

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The Peso Problem: How Much Money to Bring to Cuba

Working out how much money you’ll need each day is an important and sometimes annoying part of planning a holiday. There are some places where you will need to take a fair amount of cash, and you will quickly go through your cash when you’re paying around €8 per beer in Paris. A holiday in […]

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Packing Tips: What Not to Bring to Cuba

Even if you’ve never set foot on a plane before, you can probably guess what sort of things can’t be brought with you. Live animals are a definite no, unless it’s a registered service animal, and even then – international flights are a bit iffy. Of course, illegal recreational drugs are forbidden, even if you […]

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A True Treat of a Town: What Makes Viñales So Special

It would be a bit of a stretch to call the Cuban town of Viñales a hidden treasure. You might not have heard about this stunning little town before, but it has been a popular spot in Cuba for generations. Lonely Planet has been raving about Viñales for decades, and the New York Times recently […]

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What Makes Cuba Unique? Locally Sourced Cuba Team Has the Answers

Have you ever traveled around Europe? It can be fascinating to see all those different countries, cultures and languages existing side by side, and it’s wonderful to experience. The locals even take advantage of it, like the residents of Denmark who pop across the border into Germany to fill up their cars and buy beer […]

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