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Locally Sourced Travel Cuba

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Welcome to our blog on all things Cuba. We will use this forum to highlight some of our impressions, reflections and opinions on Cuba in the present day and its future. We will also use this forum to highlight any experiences, excursions, activities and events that we feel you should know about. We welcome your comments and feedback!

Can Anyone Go to Cuba Now? Sure… If You Know What is Needed

Some exotic destinations require a bit of extra planning, and there are an abundance of different rules depending on where you come from. It’s not as though you can just book a holiday in North Korea and jump straight on the next plane. China has some rather severe restrictions on who can come without applying […]

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Playa Ancón Cuba: Our Favorite White Sand Paradise

Isn’t it strange to think that some people don’t actually like the beach? Of course there are so many different types of beach, and some are obviously less desirable than others. There are a number of European beaches that seem to be composed entirely of rocks, with the “waves” gently lapping at the edge. You […]

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Why Traveling to Santiago de Cuba Worth a Ticket

There are many playful rivalries between the two most prominent cities in a country. Residents of Melbourne are constantly talking up their city at the expense of Sydney (“Oh yes, Sydney – you might have the Opera House, but we have actual culture”). Berlin and Munich don’t really see eye-to-eye, and some Munich residents actually […]

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Cuba in July: Why It Can Be the Best Time of Year

There’s something magical about the month of July when you live north of the equator. The cold weather has waged battle with the warm weather and has lost, and so the uncertainty of June slips away to be replaced with weather that is consistently and defiantly beautiful. This is when long pants are replaced with […]

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7 Day Itinerary Advice for Your Cuban Trip

You will hear conflicting reports about how much time you should spend in Cuba. Some people might suggest a few weeks, and others will tell you that you can see everything there is to see within a week. Clearly this is not true, since it would take the best part of a lifetime to see […]

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Where to Travel in Cuba? 5 Essential Places You Should Visit

It has been suggested that change is afoot on the island paradise that is Cuba. These suggestions have come about due to the rather surprising decision by the US to end the decades-long embargo and restart formal diplomatic relations with Cuba. So now that everyone is being good neighbours once again, it’s going to be […]

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Why Does Cuba Have So Many Old Cars? The Answer Might Surprise You

In many parts of the world, classic car owners have a distinctive vibe. They drive around in their lovingly-maintained vehicle with a look that says, “Yes – I’m cool.” Those cars have a fuel efficiency that can probably be compared to a tank, and weaken the ozone layer just a little bit more each time […]

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Traveling Light: What to Take to Cuba on Vacation

Packing for a holiday can be like a variation on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Will you pack too much, too little, or just right? Yeah, this can be a totally subjective thing and for some people, bringing only six pairs of shoes might feel like too little. Too much can be a financial burden, […]

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6 Reasons Why Trinidad is Cuba’s Real Star

For some people, their holiday in Cuba begins and ends with Havana. There is arguably little wrong with this, since the Cuban capital is pretty darn awesome (to put it mildly). It allows visitors to tick off the boxes about what they want Cuba to be… There are clunkily beautiful vintage cars prowling up and […]

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Art in Havana: An Artistic Tour of the Cuban Capital

For some people it would be unthinkable to visit a foreign city and not spend time inside one of the numerous art galleries on offer, utterly transfixed by the work on display. For other people, this might be the definition of boredom, hating the idea of being forced to look at paintings and sculptures that […]

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