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Locally Sourced Travel Cuba

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Helpful Travel Hints Archives - Locally Sourced Cuba Tours

Blog posts which have been categorised as "Helpful Travel Hints Archives - Locally Sourced Cuba Tours".

Welcome to the Coolest Neighborhoods in Havana

To the uninitiated, the names of the neighborhoods in Havana might not ring any immediate bells. It doesn’t have places with the name recognition of Brooklyn or Bondi Beach, but the various parts of Havana will permanently etch themselves on your memory. There’s also the vaguely smug feeling you can get when you tell your […]

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In the Aftermath of Irma, Cuba is Certainly Open for Business

Like many people, you probably watched the news with utter horror as Hurricane Irma cut a path of destruction through the Caribbean in the summer of 2017. Communities were devastated, and tragically, lives were lost. The aftermath of such an event can be something that you need to be pragmatic about when it might affect […]

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The US State Department’s Travel Warning for Cuba: Worth the Worry?

Cuba has always been a curious destination. This curiosity might have arisen because of the island’s reputation, of being an unknown quantity just a surprisingly short distance from the coast of Florida. The glorious heat of the island contradicted its place in the Cold War, and it wasn’t until the Obama administration that diplomatic relations […]

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How Safe is Cuba? All Your Questions Answered

Some holiday destinations are safer than others, and it’s not as though this is going to come as a surprise. Indeed, many travel insurance companies feature an exclusion that invalidates the policy if you go to a country that your government has issued a travel warning against. So for example, if you happened to take […]

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Visiting Cuba with Kids – Why It Makes Sense

Deciding upon a holiday destination that is of equal appeal to both the adults and the kids in your family can be a tricky balancing act. If it’s too much in the children’s favour, you might find yourself spending your precious vacation days at a theme park, your eyes practically glazing over as yet another […]

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First Trip to Cuba? Don’t Worry, Here’s What You Need to Know

Now that you have a smartphone in your pocket, do you even still have a wall calendar? There is something more ceremonial about a wall calendar, particularly when there’s something you’re looking forward to. When it comes to your first trip to Cuba, chances are that your day of departure will be circled numerous times […]

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8 Hidden Gems in Cuba Which Should Be on Your Bucket List

Some people look for a sense of authenticity when they explore a new destination – to see the so-called real side of a place. But come on… whether you’re staring up at the Empire State Building, or finding some isolated, trashy bar in Hell’s Kitchen populated by heavy drinkers with an average age of 70, […]

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Museums in Cuba: The Best of the Best

When you’re on holiday in another country, you no doubt want to enjoy all that a foreign culture has to offer you, however you might interpret this. Some visitors might pride themselves on getting off the beaten track, making their way to far flung parts of a city in order to see how the locals […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Cuba? Here’s What You Need to Know

Knowing roughly how much things cost when you travel to a foreign country gives you a huge advantage when it comes to budgeting. You don’t want to arrive in an exotic new destination, live like a king for the first week, and then be forced to buy a can opener and some plastic forks before […]

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Che Guevara Mausoleum: The Man, The Myth, The Place You Must Visit

Che Guevara occupies a weird space in that he is a celebrity, a cultural icon, a figure of hatred for some, and a national hero to many others. Many of the ways in which he is viewed are only possible due to the fact that he has been dead for half a century, allowing a […]

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