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Locally Sourced Travel Cuba

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Helpful Travel Hints Archives - Locally Sourced Cuba Tours

Blog posts which have been categorised as "Helpful Travel Hints Archives - Locally Sourced Cuba Tours".

Enjoy the Natural Beauty: 6 Unforgettable Things to do in Las Terrazas Cuba

Sometimes the name of a place can be practical, rather than something that has a deep cultural or historical meaning. There’s an Australian beachside suburb with amazing waves, making it a paradise for Surfers. It’s called Surfers Paradise. A volcanic island off the coast of New Zealand almost constantly billows white smoke. British settlers officially […]

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A Story as Rich as the Scent: The History of Cuban Cigars

What do you think of smokers? In many countries, smokers are treated as outcasts, all forced to furiously puff away on their white sticks in specially designated areas (areas which are rapidly disappearing). In the Queen Street Mall (which is the main street of Brisbane, Australia), it’s actually forbidden to smoke. OK, so it’s a […]

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5 Interesting YouTube Videos About Cuba You Have to See

Do you ever use YouTube for travel research? It has some clear benefits, given that you can find slickly produced promotional videos along with stuff that is entirely amateurish, shot by people who seem to have the attention span of a goldfish. When it comes to videos about Cuba, this mixture of styles (and levels […]

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Things to Do in Baracoa: The Foodie and Nature Lover’s Paradise

Once upon a time, not all that long ago, it wouldn’t matter if a list of things to do in Baracoa was about the most tempting thing you’d ever heard of in your life, since it was practically impossible to get there. In the 1960s a road was built through the Sierra del Purial mountains […]

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6 Reasons You’ll Love Visiting Trinidad, Cuba

If you’ve never been to a country before it can be quite common to associate that country with it’s best-known city. But while it’s a logical thing to do, it’s not entirely accurate. Paris is not all of France. Sydney is not all of Australia. Tokyo is not all of Japan. Havana is not all […]

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9 Unforgettable Free Things to Do in Cuba

The best things in life are free. At some point in your life somebody has probably said this to you. Perhaps it was one of your parents when you were complaining that you had no money, before they sighed, rolled their eyes and gave you ten dollars to be quiet and go away. While some […]

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Our Best Tips for Group Travellers to Cuba

There are some occasions when travelling as a group feels like a bad idea. Discount airlines have a nasty habit of overselling tickets during peak travel times, dependent on the idea that a certain number of travellers will in fact fail to show up. When this doesn’t happen, someone might be bumped from the flight, […]

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The Wonderful Wildlife in Cuba (and Where to Find Them)

Sometimes you might not want to encounter the local wildlife when you visit a particular country. Most visitors to Australia would be rather happy to avoid venomous spiders, deadly snakes and freakishly large sharks during their visit. It would be lovely to see a kangaroo, but your only sighting might be of packages of kangaroo […]

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Sharp Curves, Beautiful Nature: Welcome to the El Nicho Waterfalls Cuba

Do you enjoy taking a ride on a rollercoaster? If so, you will enjoy the drive up to the El Nicho Waterfalls Cuba. The road is reportedly much better than it used to be, but you wouldn’t want to imagine just how it used to be. Sharp curves will have you bouncing in your seat, […]

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Second Largest, but Not Second Best: What to Do in Santiago De Cuba

In 2009 a Dutch man eagerly booked a holiday to Sydney, Australia with his grandson—the holiday of a lifetime. He should have paid closer attention, since he had in fact bought plane tickets to the Sydney in Nova Scotia, Canada (this has apparently happened a number of times). Still, a holiday is a holiday. There […]

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