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Playa Ancón Cuba: Our Favorite White Sand Paradise

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Isn’t it strange to think that some people don’t actually like the beach? Of course there are so many different types of beach, and some are obviously less desirable than others. There are a number of European beaches that seem to be composed entirely of rocks, with the “waves” gently lapping at the edge. You run the risk of cutting your feet walking across those rocks to reach the (generally not all that warm) water, and this is not the sort of beach where you can laze in the sun all day long (unless you are really dedicated).

Visitors to some Australian beaches might cast a wary eye out to the buoys just offshore when informed that they are in fact shark nets, designed to keep the Jaws-ish great whites from getting too close to swimmers (and so they might decide to stay safely on the sand). And then there are the beaches in Cuba. It’s an island, so you will never be far from the beach and you will naturally want to spend a significant portion of your Cuban vacation on those stunning white sands.

Playa Ancón Cuba has the distinction of being one of the better-known beaches in the country, and with good reason. It looks exactly what you would expect from a tropical beach. There are stretches of white sand with gentle azure waters delicately crashing onto the shore, pretty much like a picture perfect vision of what a beach should be. This is the beach of your dreams, and we are going to tell you exactly why you need to visit.

Staying Right On the Beach

When coming to Playa Ancón Cuba, you have a number of accommodation options, although this really comes down to one primary decision – beach or town? You can stay right on the beach of Playa Ancón Cuba itself, or in nearby Trinidad. The town is so close to the beach that it could almost be considered as the beachside district of Trinidad. If you would like to stay right on the beach, search for accommodation options in Casilda. This is the beachside village that contains Ancón along with a number of the other beaches that are found in the region. Your options can be somewhat limited (so book well ahead if you want to stay right on the beach) but these options become somewhat more open the more you are willing to spend.

Like many coastal areas of Cuba, there are a number of all-inclusive resorts ranging from 3 star to 5 star. There are only 3 such hotels that could be considered to be located on Ancón, but there are a number of others the further out you go. It could be argued that such hotels don’t give you a taste of the real Cuba, but it’s your vacation and you might wish to only see the real Cuba during the daytime before going back to a hotel where your every whim is catered for. And it can sometimes be worth it to be able to stay right on the beach.

Staying in the Town

It would be unthinkable to stay in Playa Ancón Cuba without visiting the town of Trinidad (and vice versa too). It’s only about 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) from the beach into Trinidad, so you could very easily stay in the town and visit the beach on a fairly regular basis. It’s easiest to do so in a taxi (instead of making do with public transport) or even by renting a bike if you happen to be feeling particularly energetic. Trinidad is a sublime little town, one that made its fortune during the Cuban sugar boom (courtesy of the efforts of thousands upon thousands of slaves). The town fell into disrepair after the money stopped pouring in but has since come under the protection of UNESCO after it was classified as a world heritage site.

This means that the centre of the town with its grand, ornate buildings has been extensively restored. There is more nightlife here than you will find on the beach in any event, so it can be just as easy to stay in Trinidad and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Another Option

If neither the town or staying right on the beach appeals to you, consider staying in La Boca. It’s easily reachable from both Playa Ancón and Trinidad and is a rustic, relaxed fishing village that largely avoids the crowds. This is the place to stay if you want to gorge on fresh seafood that has been just hauled out of the ocean while lazily watching the sun glisten on the water. It’s only a small village though, so it probably won’t command your attention like Playa Ancón will.

What to Expect at Playa Ancón Cuba

You can either do your own thing on the beach, or pay a little bit of cash for some pampering. OK, so you could technically do both. Bring your own supplies, choose your own spot on the sand and spend the day like that, jumping into the calm waters when the sun becomes too bothersome. This part of the world is special, but you really couldn’t consider it to be hidden. This means, as is traditional on many Cuban beaches, there will be vendors strolling up and down the beach, selling cold drinks… so you can pretend you are in a luxury resort with a waiter bringing you just what you ordered.

But hey, why not try that too?

Remember those beachside resorts we mentioned? They have their own assigned areas with sunloungers and a drinks service. Even if you are not a guest, you can pay for this type of beach experience – you just pay a rental fee for the sunlounger and pay for each drink or snack. Just the perfect way to spend those lazy Playa Ancón days…

Do you have any questions? Just leave your comments below!

It's only fair to share...Share on Facebook22Tweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+0Pin on Pinterest0
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