Travel to Cuba from USA

Locally Sourced Cuba Tours welcomes US travelers to Cuba and with ongoing changes to US policy, it is now easier to travel to Cuba than ever before.

Locally Sourced Cuba Tours has made it as easy as possible for US citizens and residents to travel legally to Cuba.

If you are traveling to Cuba under tour own license, we can also work with you directly to develop the perfect Cuba tour itinerary.

Locally Sourced Cuba Tours also offers affordable licensed people-to-people Private Cuba Tours, through our partnership with the US-based Educational Adventures Company. This is a fantastic way to experience our authentic, local and personal tours, legally and hassle-free!

Please visit the Educational Adventures website for more information about how US citizens can travel to Cuba under the various licenses available. They offer a number of tours that meet the US people-to-people requirements, while still providing the authentic, local experience that we are sure you are looking for.

Being a US based organisation that specializes in Cuba travel, The Educational Adventures Company can help with your flights, Visa’s and Cuba tour itinerary requirements.

You can call our specialist US affiliates (Jennifer and Sara) on (970) 382-1228 or email them at

You can also use the online form below to request a tailor-made people-to-people Cuba tour itinerary from The Educational Adventures Company and Locally Sourced Cuba Tours.

Viva Cuba!