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Locally Sourced Travel Cuba

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Havana Day Tours

Through our sister company – Locally Sourced Havana ( – Locally Sourced Cuba Tours can organise a variety of Havana Day Tours. Whether it be an Old Havana Walking Tour, a tour of Havana’s many districts in a Classic American Car or mojito making lesson on a roof-top in Old Havana, a Havana Day Tour is the perfect way to get to know Cuba’s wonderful capital city.

Tours that are available to book include:

Full Day Havana Tour (Old Havana Walking Tour, Lunch, Classic Car Tour)

All of history truly does coexist in Havana, the most beguiling, beautiful and contradictory city in all the region. Modernity sits in comfortable contrast to a more traditional, relaxed way of life that has seemingly not changed for a considerable period of time. It’s all authentic Havana, and this is a city whose spell you will immediately fall under. A full day tour of Havana offers a comprehensive opportunity to see just what makes this significant city tick.

Havana Afternoon Delight (Old Havana Walking Tour, Classic Car Tour, Mojito Making Lesson)

Sleeping late is sometimes only a luxury in which you can partake when you’re on holiday. If this is the case with you, then you’ve made the right decision by taking this tour that allows you to explore this noble city at a refined hour. Havana has distinguished herself as an unparalleled charmer, a place that will compel you to explore her many textures by peeling away at the layers on offer (like the most exotic fruit you will ever encounter). Your senses will be beautifully besieged on every level, and you will be delighted to let it happen.

Havana Experience Tour (Gran Teatro de La Habana, Chinatown, Callejon de Hammel, Classic Car, Mojito Making Lesson)

We would like you to meet your new friend, the city of Havana. In order to get under her skin, you will enjoy a scintillating day exploring the grand expanses of this enchanting city, a place that will inturn get under your skin. You will see the best that the city has to offer (and it’s rather a lot). You will be enthralled, and at times, quite literally spellbound by the capital of Cuba and those who have made their home in this place that is a curiously thrilling mixture of Spanish and Afro-Caribbean cultures, all culminating in a city that is without rivals. You will have seven hours to explore the city on your tour, so let’s get started, shall we?

Old Havana Walking Tour

Havana is a city that teems with energy, and it’s going to surprise you in the most profound ways. If you’ve ever visited a theme park, you’ll be familiar with costumed characters essentially acting out a type of street theatre, although in an utterly artificial way. There is no fake artifice to the street theatre of Havana’s Old Town, even though you might get the impression that this is an elaborate performance being staged your benefit. You are mistaken, and this the real, raw, authentic way of life in Havana’s Old Town. And it’s fascinatingly beautiful to behold. The best way to allow the charms of this part of Havana to wash over you is to walk these streets yourself.

Private Vintage Havana by Night Tour (Classic Car, Mojito Making Lesson, Dinner, Nightlife) 

The sun goes down, the stars come out, and Havana also comes out to play. Havana might need to take an occasional afternoon nap, but the Cuban capital is a place where you can easily partake in the party life until the sun comes up, if you were so inclined. Not that you would want to put a mark on her beautiful face, but if you were to cut Havana, the city would bleed salsa. The music is the soundtrack to the city, and when you’re back in your hometown, hearing those salsa beats will immediately transport you back in time to your sultry evenings in the city. Seeing Havana by night is a magnificent prelude to a night that will always have the fondest of places in your heart.

Special Havana Photography Day Tour (Nov/ Dec 2017)

Is there any capital city in the world that makes for a more beautiful model than Havana? As the warm sunshine bathes this unique cityscape, the perfect light will certainly make for the perfect photo, time after time. With expert tuition from Vincent Long, you will capture the real Havana on camera, on this special Havana Photography Day Tour.

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