Privacy Policy

When you communicate with us and complete our forms, you will provide us with information, which may include personal information about you. We may use your personal information to do credit checks from time to time, to provide information to credit providers and credit rating agencies who information about you, and to market our services to you.

We may also provide relevant personal information about you to third party operators who provide services to you on the tour that you have booked.  We accept no responsibility or liability for the way in which any such third party operator treats or deals with your personal information.

We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that your personal information is:

  • securely stored; and
  • prevented from unauthorized use or disclosure.

You may at any time seek clarification as to whether we hold personal information about you and if so, what that information is.

Where we hold personal information about you and you prove that it is incorrect, we will take prompt steps to correct that information.

We may charge you for the reasonable costs of retrieving, providing the information and if applicable, correcting the information.

Neither we nor any of our officers agents or employees accept any liability for any breach of this Privacy Policy or of any law except to the extent to which any applicable law prevents us from excluding our liability.  Should we or any of our officers agents or employees be prevented from excluding our or their liability, then to the extent that any applicable law so allows, we and they limit liability to US$100.

This provision is intended to be for the benefit of and enforceable by our officers agents or employees as well as for our benefit and enforceable by us.