9 Best Things to Do in Havana Cuba

Visitors have a wealth of things to do in Havana. From the 500-year-old structures of Habana Vieja to its revolutionary street art and link to Nobel Prize winning author Ernest Hemingway, there are few cities in the world that can … Read More

Zapata Peninsula Cover

Best Things to do in the Zapata Peninsula

The 4,200 square kilometres of the Zapata Peninsula – or Peninsula de Zapata – lie on Cuba’s southern coastline, south-east of Havana, and west of Cienfuegos. Largely uninhabited, its one of the best places to head in Cuba for wildlife … Read More


What to Do in Matanzas: Cuba’s Cultural Hidden Gem

Not heard of Matanzas? You’re not alone! While this capital of the province of the same name may not have hit the big time when it comes to tourist visits, that can only be a good thing for a destination … Read More

8 Cool Things You Can Only Get in Cuba

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Things to do in Las Terrazas and Soroa

Las Terrazas and Soroa lie within Cuba’s westernmost province, Pinar del Rio. Although only 70 km or so from Havana, they offer visitors a whole other side to the island than the capital does. As a result, it’s well worth … Read More


Sancti Spiritus: Cuba’s Hidden Gem

Simply translating as ‘Holy Spirit’, the city of Sancti Spiritus is one of Cuba’s oldest Spanish settlements. Founded in 1514, the city has an intriguing history and a charming centre, yet remains something of a hidden gem even though its … Read More


What to do in Santa Clara: Cuba’s City of Revolution

Sitting east of Havana in the central Cuban province of Villa Clara, Santa Clara is the nation’s fifth largest city, and one that has held an important part in the country’s history since its foundation in 1689. But rather than … Read More


The Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Holguin Cuba

The Cuban city of Holguin might not – yet – trip off the tongue in quite the same way as Havana, Santa Clara or even Camaguey does, but don’t let that put you off a visit to this historic city. … Read More


Cuba’s Best Destinations for Young Couples

It’s beautifully crumbling façades, neoclassical and baroque architecture, vintage American cars, relaxed way of life, great beaches, and stunning natural sights make Cuba an incredibly attractive destination for young couples. But where are the best places to go in Cuba … Read More


Unmissable Things to Do in Santiago de Cuba

Situated almost 900 kilometres away from the Cuban capital of Havana, at the extreme east of the island nation, Santiago de Cuba has a personality all of its own and one you definitely don’t want to miss. Here we’ve put … Read More