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As part of the Locally Sourced Tours group, Locally Sourced Cuba Tours is dedicated to providing you with an authentic and unforgettable Cuba tour experience. We can help you achieve in one adventure what has taken us years – to go inside the country in a deeper, more personal way. With Locally Sourced Cuba Tours you will have unrivalled access to local people from all walks of life while you experience an island that has so much to offer that sometimes you won’t even know where to begin (that’s what your experienced local English-speaking Cuban tour guide is for). Whether you are meeting respected Cuban professionals, exploring local farmland, staying with a Cuban family, taking dance classes, or diving at some of the most pristine locations in the Caribbean, our Cuba tours will help you to discover the real Cuba first-hand. We aim to do this as genuinely as possible, with little impact on the Cuban environment and culture.


The premise behind Locally Sourced Tours, is exactly what our name suggests – where possible, everything in our tours is ‘locally sourced’. Now this isn’t exactly a novel idea for tours in Cuba – more of a necessity actually. Where we differ is that we are constantly speaking to our team of local Cuba experts to bring you the very best in Cuban itineraries, excursions, accommodation and experiences. This qualifies our tours to receive the ‘Locally Sourced‘ stamp of approval. At Locally Sourced Cuba all of our staff and local contacts are treated like family, enabling us to instill a sense of ownership amongst our stakeholders and deliver ongoing support to the Cuban people and economy. We know the country and its people inside out and our endeavor is to show the Cuba we love, live in and respect – beyond the often clichéd images of Ché, cigars, rum, classic American cars and the Buena Vista Social Club. The sense of ownership amongst our staff means that we truly care about our clients. We are able to be more flexible and reactive, providing a safety blanket for people who travel on a private or group Cuba tour with us. The Cuba you will discover with Locally Sourced Cuba Tours is as diverse as it is complex, and will sometimes raise more questions than can be easily answered. Our aim is to take you inside this remarkable society in a fun, respectful and meaningful way.


Using passionate local guides and proven itineraries, we showcase the best of Cuba!

Cuba Group Tours

For groups of 2-15

From $680pp

Our small group Cuba tours are dedicated to providing you with an authentic and unforgettable Cuba tour experience.

Private Cuba Tours

Local, Personal and Authentic

From $650

Our private Cuba tours are designed to introduce you to the Cuba that we know and love. You will spend time getting to know the locals and immersing yourself in Cuban culture and history.

Tailor Made Cuba Tours

Our Cuba, Your Way

On request

Our approach to designing a private tailor-made Cuba tour itinerary is a consultative one, meaning we will develop an itinerary that is built with your requirements and preferences in mind.

Locally Sourced Guides

Our Locally Sourced Cuba Team is a group of Cuba tour experts dedicated to making your Cuba tour experience the best it can possibly be. Whether it be one of our local Cuba tour guides, a driver and his classic car, a Casa Particular owner, dive master, salsa teacher, bar tender or a local farmer – each person you meet in Cuba will help make your trip that much more special.

Manuel Avila Quintero (Manolo)

Cuba Tour Guide
Happy with the nickname Manolo, Manuel was born in Baracoa in Cuba’s east. He studied Industrial engineering at the University of Holguin and enjoys hanging out with his friends, watching movies, and keeping fit. An adrenaline junkie, his favorite activities are hiking, dancing, scuba diving and sky diving, while his favorite restaurant is Havana’s Vista Mar. His favorite destinations are Havana, Trinidad and – of course – his home city.

Franklin Utria Matos

Cuba Tour Guide
Originally from Baracoa, Franklin studied Law Science at the University of Oriente. He loves visiting Trinidad, snorkeling at the Bay of Pigs, and sky diving over Varadero. In his spare time he enjoys reading, hanging out with friends or eating at his favorite restaurants – Alexi at the Bay of Pigs and Asturias Bar on Havana’s Prado Street.

Sady Alarcon Cotelo

Cuba Tour Guide
Sady is originally from Ciego de Avila in central Cuba. She studied Psychology at the University of Santa Clara. Her favorite Cuban destination is Havana, and her most-loved activity is having a salsa lesson. With an interest in dancing, history, photography contemporary art and cooking, she has several favorite restaurants including Casa Alta, San Jose, La Botija, Cha Cha Cha, and 5ta Esquirra Trattoria.

Daniusky Toledo Calderon

Cuba Tour Guide
Daniusky is from Santa Cruz del Sur, Camaguey. He studied English and French at the University of Santa Clara and enjoys reading, diving, fishing and working out. His favorite destination in Cuba is Trinidad, and his favorite activities include biking, hiking and caving. His top restaurant pick is Cafe Laurent in Havana.

Reinier Johan Luaces Castellanos

Cuba Tour Guide
Brought up in Camaguey, Reinier studied IT Engineering at the local university. He’s a big fan of jazz, snorkeling and hiking, while his favorite Cuban destination is Trinidad. His most loved activity in the country is dancing at the Miramar House of Music in Havana, and his favorite place to eat at is San Jose restaurant in Trinidad.

Ihosvany Alcina Cardoso

Cuba Tour Guide
Ihosvany is from Camaguey. He studied Industrial Engineering at Santa Clara’s university and loves learning and working out. Though his favorite destination in Cuba is Vinales, his favorite activity in the country is the excursion on the Yumuri River in Baracoa. When it comes to food, his favorite restaurant is Café Laurent in Havana.


Cuba Tour Guide
From the city of Camaguey, Aniorland went to the University of Santa Clara to study Industrial Engineering. He is a big fan of reading, movies, music, graphic design, photography and collecting rocks and shells. His favorite destination in Cuba is Baracoa and his favorite activity is barbequing on the Duaba River there. Still on food, his favorite restaurant is El Chanchullero, Havana.

Daniel Acebo

Cuba Tour Guide
Daniel studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Santa Clara and hails from Trinidad, his favorite destination in Cuba. His favorite place to eat is the capital’s El Cocinero because of its amazing mood and great service. He loves sports like basketball and football, as well as making music. His favorite activity is the El Nicho waterfalls tour just outside of Cienfuegos.

Yanniel Cantillo Carballo

Cuba Tour Guide
Yanniel is from Camaguey but majored in English Language and Literature at the University of Havana. His favorite destination is Baracoa, where he really enjoys hiking. His favorite restaurant is Olivo in Vinales. In his spare time Yanniel enjoys listening to music, playing basketball, and hanging out with friends.

Rosana Relova Rovira

Havana Office Management
Originally from Camaguey, Rosana graduated in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University in Havana. You’ll find her favorite restaurant, Cocinero, in the capital, while her favorite destination is Vinales. Her hobbies are reading and dancing, and her favorite activity is exploring new places.

Lidier Vazquez Zayas

Cuba Tour Guide
Lidier has studied both English and History at university, and originally comes from Camaguey. He combines his loves of history and nature by exploring the country’s museums and natural spaces, with his favorite destinations being Trinidad, Camaguey and Vinales. His favorite restaurant is Vista Gourmet in Trinidad.


Cuba Tour Guide
Having grown up in Santiago de Cuba, Orlen studied Art History at the University of Oriente. His favorite destination is his home town, and his favorite activity hiking to waterfalls in the Cuban countryside. Interested in architecture and the cultural links between Cuba and other nations, his favorite place to eat is the restaurant San Jose in Trinidad.

Danny Puig Nieves

Cuba Tour Guide
Danny’s favorite activity is watching the sunset over Trinidad. He is originally from Camaguey, and studied IT at the local Teachers’ College. He loves the outdoors and enjoys exercising, as well as showing visitors the unique wonders of his home country.

Barbara Elena Romero Tejera

Cuba Tour Guide
Barbara is from Cienfuegos and studied languages at its university. Her favorite destination is definitely Havana, and her favorite activity is heading out on an Old Havana Walking Tour. The capital’s 304 O'Reilly is her favorite restaurant. In her spare time she enjoys meeting up with friends and traveling.

Jordan Luis Degado Perez

Cuba Tour Guide
Jordan hails from Cienfuegos and studied Architecture at the University of Santa Clara. His best-loved restaurant is ChaChaCha in Havana, his favorite destination. However his favorite activity is hiking at El Cubano Park in Trinidad. His interests include playing sport, watching movies, and art.

Yoelys Falcon Ortiz

Cuba Tour Guide
Yoelys studied as a translator and interpreter in his home city of Camaguey, but his favorite Cuba destination is Baracoa. Here you’ll find his favorite restaurant - El Buen Sabor – and favorite activity, the excursion to Boca de Yumuri. In his spare time Yoelys likes reading, listening to music, and watching movies.

Javier Pineda

Cuba Tour Guide
Originally from Trinidad, he studied Control Systems Engineering at the University of Santa Clara. Javier’s favorite destination in Cuba is Havana, and favorite restaurant Santy Pescador there. His enjoys jazz, dancing, art and having fun with friends.

Patricia Garcia Placeres

Havana Office Management
Patricia left her home town of Cienfuegos to study English and French Languages at the Universities of Santa Clara and Havana. Her favorite Cuban destination is the capital, and is a big fan of El Cocinero restaurant there. She lists her favorite activity as seeing new parts of the country, and in her spare time enjoys reading, dancing and making new friends.

Daniel Cervantes

Cuba Tour Guide
From Florida in Camaguey, Daniel studied Automation and Computer Systems at the University of Santa Clara, but his favorite city is now Havana. When not taking part in his favorite activity of mountain biking in the Vinales valley, he likes watching science documentaries. His favorite restaurant is El del Frente in Havana.

Pedro Foster Toledo

Cuba Tour Guide
Originally from Camaguey, Pedro studied medicine at the city’s university. He is a big fan of Trinidad, and eating at the restaurant El del Frente in Havana. His favorite activities are bird watching and hiking, while he really enjoys scuba diving in his spare time.

Javiel Urias

Cuba Tour Guide
Javiel is from Trinidad, which remains his favorite Cuban destination. He studied Automatic Engineering at the University of Santa Clara. His favorite restaurant is Al Carbon in Havana, and his favorite Cuba activity hiking in Topes de Collantes, perhaps because he lists his interests as including hiking, snorkeling and mountain biking.

Roberto Leon Arcia

Cuba Tour Guide
Roberto is from Cienfuegos and studied Industrial Design in Havana. He can’t single out a favorite Cuba destination, but is certain that the El Pinto restaurant in Cienfuegos is one of the best. His favorite Cuba activities are free diving and spear fishing, while in his spare time he enjoys carpentry and outdoor sports.

Oscar Alvarez Olivares

Cuba Tour Guide
Oscar comes from Trinidad and studied Electronics at Osvaldo Herrera Politechnical Institute. His interests include history and meeting people from all over the world, so it’s not surprising to learn his favorite city in Cuba is Baracoa, favorite restaurant El del Frente in Havana and favorite activity mountain biking outside of Vinales.

Saul Rodriguez de Leon

Cuba Tour Guide
Trinidad is the home town of Saul, who studied Engineering Informatics at university. Trinidad remains his favorite destination in Cuba, but his favorite restaurant Habana 61 in Cuba’s capital. His favorite activity is the excursion to the Yumuri River in Baracoa. His interests include playing guitar and listening to music.

Carlos Alberto Camacho de Dios

Cuba Tour Guide
Carlos is from Camaguey originally, but studied Automation Engineering in Santa Clara. His favorite destination is Havana, and favorite place for a meal is the roof-top of Casa Alta Habana. If he had to choose one activity it would be hiking, and his interests include getting outdoors, photography, and music.
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