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As part of the Locally Sourced Tours group, Locally Sourced Cuba Tours is dedicated to providing you with an authentic and unforgettable Cuba tour experience. We can help you achieve in one adventure what has taken us years – to go inside the country in a deeper, more personal way. With Locally Sourced Cuba Tours you will have unrivalled access to local people from all walks of life while you experience an island that has so much to offer that sometimes you won’t even know where to begin (that’s what your experienced local English-speaking Cuban tour guide is for). Whether you are meeting respected Cuban professionals, exploring local farmland, staying with a Cuban family, taking dance classes, or diving at some of the most pristine locations in the Caribbean, our Cuba tours will help you to discover the real Cuba first-hand. We aim to do this as genuinely as possible, with little impact on the Cuban environment and culture.


The premise behind Locally Sourced Tours, is exactly what our name suggests – where possible, everything in our tours is ‘locally sourced’. Now this isn’t exactly a novel idea for tours in Cuba – more of a necessity actually. Where we differ is that we are constantly speaking to our team of local Cuba experts to bring you the very best in Cuban itineraries, excursions, accommodation and experiences. This qualifies our tours to receive the ‘Locally Sourced‘ stamp of approval. At Locally Sourced Cuba all of our staff and local contacts are treated like family, enabling us to instill a sense of ownership amongst our stakeholders and deliver ongoing support to the Cuban people and economy. We know the country and its people inside out and our endeavor is to show the Cuba we love, live in and respect – beyond the often clichéd images of Ché, cigars, rum, classic American cars and the Buena Vista Social Club. The sense of ownership amongst our staff means that we truly care about our clients. We are able to be more flexible and reactive, providing a safety blanket for people who travel on a private or group Cuba tour with us. The Cuba you will discover with Locally Sourced Cuba Tours is as diverse as it is complex, and will sometimes raise more questions than can be easily answered. Our aim is to take you inside this remarkable society in a fun, respectful and meaningful way.


Using passionate local guides and proven itineraries, we showcase the best of Cuba!

Cuba Group Tours

For groups of 2-15

From $680pp

Our small group Cuba tours are dedicated to providing you with an authentic and unforgettable Cuba tour experience.

Private Cuba Tours

Local, Personal and Authentic

From $650

Our private Cuba tours are designed to introduce you to the Cuba that we know and love. You will spend time getting to know the locals and immersing yourself in Cuban culture and history.

Tailor Made Cuba Tours

Our Cuba, Your Way

On request

Our approach to designing a private tailor-made Cuba tour itinerary is a consultative one, meaning we will develop an itinerary that is built with your requirements and preferences in mind.

Locally Sourced Guides

The Locally Sourced Cuba family is a team of dedicated tour experts focused on making your Cuba experience the best it can possibly be. From a driver with his classic car, a Casa Particular owner, dive master, a salsa teacher, a bar tender to a local farmer – they'll all be working hard to make your trip to this great country one that you'll never forget!

Silvia Eugenia Morales Brito

Cuba Tour Guide
Hailing from Sancti Spíritus in central Cuba, Silvia recently joined us at LSC bringing with her over 5 years experience as tour guide. She speaks Spanish, English and French and in her downtime loves cooking and listening to music. Favourite Cuban dishes? Silvia says it's a toss up between Ropa Vieja and Congris (red beans and rice). Favourite destination? Havana of course, but Trinidad is where she feels most relaxed.

Sady Alarcon Cotelo

Cuba Tour Guide
Sady is originally from Ciego de Avila in central Cuba and studied Psychology at the University of Santa Clara. Her favourite destination in Cuba is Havana. Dancing salsa and giving lessons are her two of her favourite things to do. Personal interests include history, photography, contemporary art and cooking. Her preferred places to eat in Havana include Casa Alta rooftop terrace, La Botija, Cha Cha Cha, and 5ta Esquirra Trattoria.

Yosva Alcina

Cuba Tour Guide
A native of Camaguey in central Cuba, Yosva is all about being super organised and attentive as a tour guide, so his travellers can just sit back, relax and enjoy their Cuban adventure! Fond of taking long walks in nature, Yosva loves Vinales and is a big fan of Baracoa in the east as well. Food wise, he is all about Cuban cuisine, with Cuban black bean soup and roast pork being his favourites. In his free time you'll find him working out in the gym.

Frank Matos

Cuba Tour Guide
Frank hails from Baracoa, he’s a big fan of all types of seafood and his favourite dish is "Tetí de Baracoa". This is a delicious local dish made of fried Teti,(a tiny local fish), peppers and onions simmered in coconut milk. Oh and it's said to be a great aphrodisiac too! Frank's passions are Cuban music, salsa dancing, Cuban culture and Cuban history. All of which he is keen to share this with his travellers, in English, French and of course Spanish! On top of that he's also learning to play guitar!

Lianne Rodríguez Monte de Oca

Cuba Tour Guide
Lianne has been with LSC since our early days. In a former life she was a translator but decided her outgoing nature was better suited to a job with more social contact. Her love of meeting new people and Cuban history seemed to be the perfect fit for us and she's now very much part of the LSC family. Lianne loves to get out in nature and like many of our guides, Vinales is her favourite destination. Paladar Mercaderes is her go to place to eat when in Havana.

Lisbet Loyola Noa

Cuba Tour Guide
Lisbet is one of the newest additions to the team. A bright and bubbly soul she has a talent for immediately putting people at ease. She is passionate about her country and its culture and Baracoa is one her favourite places to visit plus the local dishes there are amazing. A self confessed foodie Lisbet loves Cuban dishes like beans and rice and Ajiaco soup Camaguey style. She is also a big salsa dancer and can recommend all the best places to go dancing in Havana!

Milena González Porro

Havana Concierge Services
Another of our team from Camagüey, Milena studied tourism and loves her job with LSC. To help facilitate and co ordinate for our travellers so that they have the most amazing and trouble free holiday possible gives her enormous satisfaction. Her favourite restaurant and bar destination is O'Reilly 304 in Old Havana. When she's not looking after us at LSC she likes to spend time at home with her husband and young child.

Osvaldo René Mojena Barbería

Cuba Tour Guide
Around 5 years ago Osvaldo starting working with LSC and has since become one of our most knowledgable guides. Osvaldo loves a good laugh and if you get the chance to travel with him you're sure to have a great time. The restaurant at El Paraiso farm in Vinales is his favourite place to eat and Osvaldo recommends sunset as the best time go. When at home you'll find him in his garden or playing chess or dominoes with friends.

Ernesto A. González Mauri

Cuba Tour Guide
Ernesto was born in the east of Cuba in Las Tunas, but grew up in Trinidad. He's deeply interested in Cuban culture and architecture and Havana is his favourite city in Cuba. He says the best way to really see the amazing architecture in Havana is by bike. Ernesto loves the vibrancy of Havana, its multiculturalism and of course its food! Like many Cubans and Latinos in general, he is a bit of a foodie with his favourite restaurants being La Guarida, Mercaderes and Antojos in Havana. Oh and favourite dish? Pasta Carbonara!

Manuel Alejandro Pomares Diaz

Cuba Tour Guide
Alejandro is native of Trinidad and coincidentally it's also where his favourite restaurant Is located. His favourite dish at San Jose Restaurant is the Garlic shrimp. Manuel is a history buff and Old Havana is the place he most loves to take his travellers. A former chess master, he has also taught many Cuban children to play the game and his downtime he practices yoga and meditation and the occasional Michelada beer!

Hernán González Téllez

Cuba Tour Guide
Hernan is a true Habanero, not he’s not spicy, (well not in that way!) but he was born in Havana! He holds a degree in physical education and practices judo and jiu-jitsu. Hernan is a big fan of the beach and loves to go diving and snorkling at his favourite beaches of Girón, Maguana and Jutía. He's also the man to speak to about the best bird watching spots and cenotes (sinkholes) in Cuba. On top of all that he’s a mad keen salsa dancer and will be happy to take you for a twirl! Oh did we mention that apart from English he also speaks French? Truly a man for all seasons!

Jorge Hidalgo Rodriguez

Cuba Tour Guide
Jorge hails from Camaguey. He's incredibly proud of his country and its diversity both geographically and culturally. He is a very lighthearted and easygoing person and it's reflected in the way he relates to his travellers. A self confessed food lover, (and sweet tooth) Jorge is big on Italian food and of course the seafood which is abundant in Trinidad and can be enjoyed at his favourite place to eat there, La Botija.

Carlos Hernández Carreras

Cuba Tour Guide
Carlos is a proud Cuban and loves to share this passion with his travellers. Vinales and Cienfuegos are his favourite destinations to visit. A keen dancer, albeit he confesses "not so good at it" in his spare time he enjoys computer programming. Eating is his other great and he is always looking for the best seafood restaurants. His latest recommendation is San Jose Restaurant in Trinidad.
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