Cuba Travel Insurance

Purchasing Cuba health Insurance

To enter Cuba, the Cuban government (and Locally Sourced Tours) requires you to have Cuba Health Insurance which you may be required to present at immigration when entering the country. Furthermore, we always strongly encourage our clients to purchase comprehensive travel insurance (which will include health insurance) at the time of booking their tour to protect their holiday investment from unforeseen circumstances such as significant weather events and illness/ injury to yourself or a family member. Attention U.S. travellers: Airlines flying directly to Cuba from the U.S. will often issue their own travel insurance for Cuba to their travellers. Often this is included in the price of the air ticket. You should check with your airline for further details. There are many providers operating internationally, that will cover you for your time in Cuba including: One of our preferred providers is World Nomads. World Nomads travel insurance is the perfect companion to keep you traveling safely. World Nomads travel insurance covers a range of adventure activities such as skiing, white water rafting and scuba diving (make sure you check the policy to see what is covered). World Nomads also provides members with a free travel journal and SMS security alerts to make sure you well informed on the road and keep travelling safely. It’s Simple & Flexible You simply buy one travel insurance policy and it doesn’t matter where in the World you travel – you’re covered! You can buy, extend and claim online from anywhere in the world, 24/7, even if you’ve already left home! One of the reasons we recommend World Nomads is their international reputation for quality (recommended by Lonely Planet and Rough Guides) and their approach to sustainable tourism through their Footprints network. To purchase World Nomads Cuba travel insurance simply use the widget below. If you would like to buy Cuba travel insurance through a Cuban organisation, we recommend you contact Asistur. Please note that this type of insurance will not cover you for lost/ damaged luggage, flights, trip cancellation etc.

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