most popular Cuban cities

The Most Popular Cuban Cities for Tourists to Visit

The most popular Cuban cities to visit are numerous! However you may ask, which are the most popular ones for tourists to visit and why? Check out our guide to 8 of Cuba’s best-loved destinations and start planning! Havana: # … Read More


Arriving at Havana Airport (Everything You Need to Know)

Arriving at Havana Airport Arriving at Havana’s international airport can be slightly overwhelming however never fear all you need to know is here. It’s the island nation’s largest international airport with flights from the Caribbean, Latin America region, Europe and … Read More


12 Types of Food and Drink You Need to Try in Cuba

12 Types of food and drink in Cuba you need to try in Cuba? Let’s dive into the delights of Cuban cooking. It’s a cuisine that receives unwarranted bad press, but once you’ve tried it you’ll realise that its actually … Read More


9 Best Things to Do in Havana Cuba

The 9 best things to do in Havana Cuba? Tough to narrow it down but we’ll try! Havana is the oldest Spanish colonial city in Latin America and possibly its most vibrant. As such it offers the visitor an enormous … Read More

Zapata Peninsula Cover

Best Things to do in the Zapata Peninsula

The Zapata Peninsula covers 4,200 square kilometres and lies on Cuba’s southern coastline, 135kms south-east of Havana and west of Cienfuegos. Largely uninhabited, its one of the best places in Cuba for wildlife encounters and bird watching, as well as … Read More


What to Do in Matanzas: Cuba’s Cultural Hidden Gem

What to do in Matanzas, Cuba’s Cultural hidden gem? Matanzas may not have hit the big time when it comes to many popular tourist hot spots. Yet that can only be a good thing. Matanzas is known as the ‘Athens … Read More

8 Cool Things You Can Only Get in Cuba

There are obviously more than 8 Cool Things to do in Cuba but this our 8! Cuba offers visitors to the island an incredible number of artisanal goods and souvenirs to remember your trip by some you can only get … Read More


Things to do in Las Terrazas and Soroa

Things to do in Las Terrazas and Soroa? Lying within Cuba’s westernmost province, Pinar del Rio and only 70 km or so from Havana, these two places offer the visitor an alternative perspective on Cuba than that they have experienced … Read More


Sancti Spiritus a Hidden Gem

Sancti Spiritus is Cuba’s hidden gem. Sancti Spirit translated simply means ‘Holy Spirit’. It was founded in 1514 and is one of Cuba’s oldest Spanish settlements. The city has an intriguing history and a charming city centre, yet remains something … Read More


What to do in Santa Clara: Cuba’s City of Revolution

What to do in Santa Clara? Cuba’s birthplace of the revolution lies about 250kms east of Havana in the central Cuban province of Villa Clara. What can you do in Santa Clara? Well there’s quite a lot! It’s country’s fifth … Read More