Cuba in February, Weather, Events and Tips

Avg Weather in Cuba in February

11 Hrs per day


4 mm per month

Cuba in February

Cuba in February beckons travelers with its delightful blend of warm weather and cultural festivities. As the heart of the country's dry season, February provides an ideal climate for exploring Cuba's diverse landscapes and engaging in outdoor activities. With temperatures conducive to both beach relaxation and sightseeing adventures, visitors can indulge in the best of both worlds. From lounging on the sun-kissed shores of Varadero to immersing oneself in the vibrant streets of Havana, Cuba in February offers endless opportunities for memorable experiences. So, whether you're seeking a relaxing beach getaway or an enriching cultural journey, Cuba in February is sure to captivate your senses and leave you with lasting memories.

Weather in Cuba in February

While much of the US and Europe is shivering with cold, Cuba in February is basking in clear sunny skies and daytime temperatures that rarely move away from the low to mid-twenties Celsius (high sixties to mid-seventies Fahrenheit). There is a slow but steady increase in temperatures from the start to the end of the month, with the average daily temperature recorded reaching 22°C (79°F). Highs hit 27°C (81°F), helped by largely cloud-free skies and an average of eight hours of bright sunshine each day out of 11 hours of daylight. After the sun has set at around 6.30 pm, temperatures don’t tend to drop below 17°C (63°F), providing the perfect climate for a stroll along Havana’s romantic Malecon promenade, or to cap off the day with a drink in a rooftop bar with nothing more than a light jumper to hand. Astonishingly, sea temperatures are even higher than the daytime air temperatures, hitting 26°C (79°F). Who could resist taking a dip into the glorious Caribbean waters with temperatures like that! Humidity levels in February are fairly consistent with the rest of the year, at 78%. The gentle breezes that roll across the island will help keep you from getting too sticky. Being slap bang in the middle of the dry season, February is Cuba’s driest month, and if you do experience any rain during your stay – on average just five days see any rain at all in February – it’s going to be a short shower that doesn’t impinge on your plans in any way. Over the entire month, between just 4 and 10 mm of rain are recorded. *Please note that the team here at Locally Sourced Cuba Tours can do a lot of things, but unfortunately we cannot predict the weather. We can only base our predictions about the weather in Cuba in February, on previous years and averages.

Things to do in Cuba in February

It’s easy to get outside in Cuba in February thanks to the incredible monthly weather averages we’ve already outlined, and it’s equally easy to while away more than a few hours in the evocative central squares that form such an important part of Cuban life in Havana, Trinidad, Santa Clara and elsewhere with a cooling drink in hand. If you can tear yourself away from the atmospheric vibes long enough to hit the beach, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Close to Havana, the sands are probably finest at the string of beaches known as Playas del Este, although Bacuranao is the more popular. Elsewhere, the options are almost limitless, with 20 km of beaches at Varadero, great snorkelling at Playa Giron on the Bay of Pigs, and picture-perfect scenes on offer along the string of small cayos that form a buffer between the island and the Atlantic for much of Cuba’s northern shores. Back on land, Santa Clara offers real insight into the country’s recent revolutionary history. The site of the last battle in Fidel Castro’s communist revolution, there lies the remains of a train carrying arms to resupply the city that was derailed by Che Guevara before it reached its destination. On a hilltop overlooking the city, you’ll also find Guevara’s mausoleum, where his own remains were interred after they were discovered in an unmarked grave in Bolivia in 1997, 30 years after his death. Alternatively, February is a great month to think about heading to Cienfuegos, on Cuba’s southern coast. Not only does the city have a phenomenal location (giving it the nickname the Pearl of the South), but it is unique on the island in that it was settled by French immigrants rather than the Spanish. It has a definite French ambience as a result.

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Events in Cuba in February

If you’re in Cuba in the beginning of February be sure to check out the International Book Festival held at the San Carlos de la Cabana Fortress and ExpoCuba fair grounds in Havana before touring towns and cities across the island. The celebration of the written word includes readings, presentations, and book launches from all around the world. It’s a huge event, welcoming somewhere in the region of 600,000 visitors, in no small part due to Cuba’s status as the country with the highest literacy rate in the world. It’s well worth attending if only to explore the eighteenth-century fortress on Havana Bay. February is also the host month for Cuba’s Festival del Habano – not a celebration of the Cuban capital, but of the country’s most important export next to rum, its famed cigars. The fact they are still banned in the US makes the festival an extra-special occasion for those visiting from nearby America, while even non-smokers will enjoy learning more about the art of cigar preparation. All the island’s main brands make an appearance, including Partargas, San Cristóbal de La Habana, and Trinidad, while private producers such as Robaina and international brands are also present. As well as the opportunity to buy, there are cigar rolling demonstrations, seminars, and factory visits put on. It comes to an end with a gala evening that includes the Humidor Auction, with all proceeds (perhaps a little ironically) going to support the Cuban healthcare system. A visit to the stunning tobacco fields, farms, and drying sheds around Vinales township would make for a great addition to the festival.

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Cuba in February is simply fantastic. Visitors are able to enjoy the glorious dry season weather to do as much or as little as they would like, perhaps taking in one of the month’s major events to make their time on the island even more memorable!


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