Tailor Made Cuba Tour

Tailor-Made Cuba Tour


⭐ Build the perfect Cuba tour itinerary to suit any budget.
⭐ Tailored short-stays to multi-week cultural adventures.
⭐ Sun, sand, culture, music, cigars and classic cars.
⭐ Casa Particulares, historic hotels, or luxury resorts.
On Request Singles, Couples or Small Groups Private Air-Conditioned Transportation Upgraded Casa's and/ or Hotels and Resorts Local English-Speaking Cuban Guide Tailor-Made Cuba Tour Itineraries

Building a Tailor-made Cuba Tour Itinerary

Tour introduction:

If you want to travel at your own pace and explore a Cuba you won’t find in the brochures, a tailor-made Cuba tour is your best option. Our team of Cuba travel experts will create an itinerary just for you – one that suits your interests, time and budget. Whether you’re looking for a small group adventure, honeymoon, family vacation or just time away from the office, we take the time to understand exactly what you want from your custom Cuba tour and create the perfect itinerary to match.

Local English-speaking Cuban Guides

Tailored service:

Our tailor-made Cuba tours are built with your specifications, interests and requirements in mind. You will be able to move at your own pace, select your own excursions and stay in the comforts you are accustomed to.

Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, small group or large tour party, whether you have just two days to explore Havana or a full month in Cuba, and whether your interests are politics, history, culture, music, dance, pure relaxation or total adventure our fully customised tours of Cuba are tailored specifically to provide you with your own unique and memorable Cuba tour experience.

To truly get the most out of your Cuba holiday, you need to travel with the experts – the Locally Sourced Cuba experts. Our team of passionate hand-picked local English speaking tour guides are dedicated to making your tailor-made Cuba tour as special as it can possibly be. They will showcase the Cuba they know and love as locals: the vibrant culture, fascinating history, warm-hearted people, pristine beaches, and stunning landscapes – this is tailor-made Locally Sourced Cuba at its best.

Carlos Alberto Camacho de Dios

Local Cuban Tour Guide
Our local Cuban guides are passionate about everything they do!

Dayana Morales Reyes

Local Cuban Tour Guide
Our local Cuban guides will show you the Cuba they love and want you to fall in love with too.

Osvaldo René Mojena Barbería

Local Cuban Tour Guide
Our local Cuban guides will show you the real Cuba, away from the crowds.
Start Building Your Perfect Tailor-made Cuba Tour Itinerary Today

Your Choice of Accommodation

The three accommodation types:

On our Locally Sourced Cuba tailor-made Cuba tours we offer a range of accommodation options to best suit your bespoke requirements. You have the choice of staying in the country’s historic hotels, a sun-drenched all-inclusive in one of the country’s finest beach resorts such as Varadero, or one of the small newly legalised bed and breakfasts known as casa particulares (or a combination of all three). Like everything on our custom Cuba tours, the choice is yours and yours alone! Simply let us know any preferences you may have and allow our team of Cuba travel experts to take care of the rest.

If you’re struggling to decide, here’s a little more information to help. Many tour members who have booked a tailor-made Cuba tour with us previously have opted to stay in a range of accommodation types during their visit, to get the absolute most they can out of their customised tour in Cuba. A stay in a top-rated casa particular becomes one of the highlights of the trip for many and definitely merits careful consideration.

What makes this form of accommodation extra special is that in a casa particular you are welcomed into a local Cuban’s home and made to feel like one of the family. With a far greater emphasis on the personal touch, the rooms are always clean and well maintained. As well as the room, you also have access to a group area and/or veranda in which you can relax and meet other travellers. Casa owners take great pride in hosting foreign guests into their homes, and provide a wonderful level of service and attention. So why wouldn’t you book a couple of nights in a casa particular as part of your next tailor-made Cuba tour experience?


For the tailor-made Cuba tours we run, we like to use upgraded Casa’s/ B&B’s. The upgraded Casa’s we have hand selected are more expensive than the standard Casa’s you will find in Cuba. They are run more like your traditional B&B’s but still offer a unique cultural experience. While they shouldn’t be compared to modern Western hotels, the rooms will have air-conditioning, private en suite facilities, hot and cold water and have generally been recently renovated to a beautiful standard.


Private Air-Conditioned Transportation

Multiple transportation methods:

Our tailor-made Cuba tour will organize all your transportation requirements in Cuba, however big or small. With us, your fully customised Cuba tour can include any combination of internal flights, air-conditioned private taxis, minivans, buses or even transportation in one of the iconic classic American cars synonymous with the country.

A word to the wise: Cuba is the largest nation in the Caribbean and the island is often much larger than tour members imagine. Drive times can be long, while getting to certain destinations might require internal flights that only depart on certain days of the week. For this reason it can be difficult to visit certain combinations of towns and cities in a short space of time, particularly if they are located at distance from one another.

To download our Cuba drive times map (click here).


If you are only planning your tailor-made Cuba tour to last a short amount of time, our Cuba experts would recommend focussing on just two or three different destinations to prevent you spending the majority of your time on the road, rather than experiencing the country you’ve come to explore. Should you enjoy your time in Cuba as much as we think you will, however long your stay, you can always speak to our experts about arranging another tailor-made Cuba tour!

Activities and Excursions

Tailored to your Interests and Expectations:

As hopefully is already clear, our tailor-made Cuba tours are just that – tailor made. This means the types of activities and excursions you opt to go on are entirely up to you. The list of activities to choose from on your tailor-made Cuba tour is extensive, and we have an excursion for ever taste, be that art, history, politics, dance, indulgent relaxation, hiking, adventure or romantic retreats.

Whether you want to scuba dive off the coast of the Zapata Peninsula, take salsa lessons in the colourful city of Trinidad, or explore the Caribbean’s highest waterfall near Baracoa, we can organize that for you. What’s more, our sister company – the Havana Tour Company – has a huge range of Havana Day Tours that we can also include as part of your tailor-made Cuba tour, be that cruising the capital’s Malecon seafront esplanade in a classic American car or learning how to make the perfect mojito on a Havana roof-top.

Simply complete our Tailor-made Cuba tour request form, and we will suggest a range of activities and excursions that will align with your interests and expectations.

Get started Designing Your Perfect Cuba Tour itinerary

Design your Cuba tour:

Ready to start on the road to your fully customised Cuba tour? To have one our Cuba travel experts build the perfect tailor-made Cuba tour itinerary for you and your particular tour wishes we ask that you consider the following questions while using our detailed online tailor-made Cuba tour enquiry form:

  • Roughly when do you plan to travel to Cuba?
  • How long do you want your custom Cuba tour to last?
  • Are there any destinations that you would specifically like to visit?
  • Are there any activities or excursions that you would like included?
  • How much are you thinking of spending on your tailor-made Cuba tour?

Your answers will help our experts put together an itinerary that matches your requirements in every way – from the destinations you will visit and the activities that will be suggested to what forms of transport you will take advantage of, remembering that throughout your tour you will be accompanied by an experienced, local, English speaking Cuban guide. Through a fully consultative process, our team will also recommend and book all of your accommodation, so that all you have to do on arrival in Havana is slip on your sunglasses and begin enjoying your tailor-made Cuba tour.

So why not enquire today about one of our tailor-made Cuba tour experiences?

Start Building Your Perfect Tailor-made Cuba Tour Itinerary Today
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