Cuba in July, Weather, Events and Tips

Avg Weather in Cuba in July

13 Hrs per day


34 mm per month

Cuba in July

Cuba in July is a sun-seeker's paradise, with the Caribbean island experiencing its highest average number of hours of sunshine for any month of the year. If you're craving abundant sunshine and high temperatures, July is the perfect time to visit Cuba. With clear skies and temperatures reaching the high 20s to low 30s Celsius (mid to high 80s Fahrenheit), July offers ideal conditions for beach lounging, water sports, and outdoor exploration. For those seeking more information on the expected weather conditions in Cuba in July, keep reading! Not only do we provide you with the basics when it comes to climate, but we also offer suggestions for the top things to do in Cuba in July and list the main events that take place during the month. Whether you're dancing to the rhythms of salsa music in Havana, snorkeling in the pristine waters of Varadero, or exploring the historic streets of Trinidad, Cuba in July promises an unforgettable summer adventure filled with sunshine, warmth, and excitement.

Weather in Cuba in July

We’ve already mentioned it, but its worth saying it again – July has more hours of sunlight than any other month in Cuba. This means visitors to the island will experience an average 11 hours of sunshine per day. Not only does July see the longest number of hours of sunshine of any month, but it also holds the record for the highest temperatures the island experiences annually. You’ll find daytime temperatures rarely drop below 27°C (81°F). The temperature at midday can rise to an incredibly healthy 32°C (90°F), when you’ll find the colonial streets of Cuba’s many beguiling towns and cities largely empty as people seek shelter in the shade of a bar or paladares restaurant. The streets become lively once again after sun set, when the temperature drops to overnight lows of 22°C (72°F), and the locals head out for their daily promenade along the main streets or the Malecon in Havana. As for the sea, temperatures in the waters around the island remain constant at 29°C (84°F) throughout July. Whatever your plans, be sure to bring high SPF sun screen, and a decent hat! While July may officially be considered Cuba’s rainy season, don’t let this put you off. The average amount of rainfall you’ll experience is 50 mm, spread across approximately half the month. Hurricanes are also a possibility in Cuba in July, although the likelihood of having your trip spoiled by such an event is actually extremely low. Instead, it’s the gentle winds that roll in from the north east you’re more likely to encounter, which help blow the 79% humidity away, especially in the capital. *Please note that the team here at Locally Sourced Cuba Tours can do a lot of things, but unfortunately we cannot predict the weather. We can only base our predictions about the weather in Cuba in July, on previous years and averages.

Things to do in Cuba in July

The high temperatures of Cuba in July mean that the country’s beaches are busy throughout the month. If you’re based in Havana, follow the residents of the city to the string of beaches together known as Playas des Este to the capital’s east, which are popular for day trips. A little further on you’ll find some resorts along Playa Jibacoa beach, which is good for sunbathing and swimming in the sea. But Cuba’s largest resort destination has to be the Varadero Peninsula. Here you’ll find ample opportunity to cool off in the waves, lie by a resort swimming pool, or relax in the shade of a café or bar. Away from the beachfronts, a great way of keeping cool is to head inside. With architecture specifically-design to ensure their buildings are able to avoid the worst of the summer heat, the country’s museums offer a cool escape as well as world-leading exhibits on Cuban art, history and culture. Take the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana. Founded in 1913, Cuba’s de facto national gallery has a collection that spans from the rule of the Spanish to the modern day, which is particularly noteworthy perhaps for its politically-inspired artworks celebrating the communist revolution and the long rule of Fidel Castro. Other museums and spaces that open the door to Cuban culture include the Partagas Cigar Factory, which offer tours that take visitors right through the cigar-making process and describe the difference between the various alternative brands, and the nearby Cigar Museum. Cuba’s other main export, rum, also has its fair share of dedicated spaces, including the Havana Club Rum Museum, which guides visitors through the distillation process before providing samples of the finished products.

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Events in Cuba in July

Two important festivals take place in Santiago de Cuba in July, promising a spectacular and unforgettable experience for anyone who heads to the country’s second city. The first is the Festival del Caribe, or Festival of Fire, which is marked by an entire week of activities. Celebrating the music and dance of the whole Caribbean region, rather than just Cuba alone, it boasts a full programme of outdoor performances, traditional indoor concerts, and processions of decorated vehicles through the streets of the city centre. At the end of the month, Santiago’s annual festival is said to be one of the largest and most traditional on the island. The main parade is able to rival anything any other Caribbean nation is able to put on, with an explosion of colour and sound, while the whole event lasts for close to a week. Celebrated on July 26 right across the island is Cuba’s National Day. The date marks the first (unsuccessful) attempt at revolution on the island, when in 1953 Castro led 140 rebels in an attack on the Moncada Garrison on the outskirts of Santiago. The date also commemorates the birth of country’s national poet Jose Marti. Castro was eventually successful six years on, overthrowing dictator Batista, but the day of the first revolt is still an important one, when the state puts on its best show of the year. Film fans will also be interested in the Gibara Low Budget Film Festival that takes place in July each year. This small town close to Holguin lies on Cuba’s northern coast, and is also not far from the snorkelling hotspot of Guardalavaca. Screening low budget, alternative, independent films, the festival is a laid-back affair that is rapidly becoming something of an artistic hub, also boasting concerts, fashion shows, and exhibitions of art and sculpture.

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