Cuba in June, Weather, Events and Tips

Avg Weather in Cuba in June

13 Hrs per day


15 mm per month

Cuba in June

Cuba in June marks the beginning of summer and is traditionally considered the off-season for tourism on the island. However, this presents a fantastic opportunity for travelers to enjoy some of the lowest accommodation and car rental prices of the year. Despite being the off-season, Cuba in June still offers very decent weather, making it an ideal destination for those seeking early summer warmth after enduring a cold winter in Europe or North America. With clear skies and temperatures ranging from the high 20s to low 30s Celsius (mid to high 80s Fahrenheit), June in Cuba is perfect for outdoor activities and beach adventures. While visiting Cuba in June, travelers can indulge in a variety of fun activities, from exploring Havana's iconic landmarks to snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Cayo Coco. Additionally, June brings a host of exciting events across the island, including music festivals, art exhibitions, and cultural celebrations. So, if you're looking to escape the crowds and enjoy a budget-friendly getaway with great weather, Cuba in June offers the perfect combination of affordability, warmth, and memorable experiences.

Weather in Cuba in June

When it comes to temperatures, the average daily temperature in Cuba in June is 27°C (81°F), meaning it’s very definitely shorts and T-shirts weather! The sun is strong, particularly during the middle hours of the day, so make sure you don’t forget to bring along a bottle of sun screen, and take things slow and steady – just like the locals. Temperatures in the middle of the day can actually hit peaks of 32°C (88°F), so you’ll want to find some shade or to head into the waters around the island, where the temperatures hold at a steady 29°C (84°F). Much of the island, including Havana and the cities of the north, enjoy a gentle cooling and near-constant breeze of around 6 mph that removes the harshness of the sun and holds back much of the 80% average humidity too. You can expect to enjoy eight hours of sunshine and 14 hours of light each day, with the sun setting around 8 pm. After these long hours of daylight, you’ll probably be happy for a short respite that comes with the beauty of sunset. Overnight temperatures average out at 22°C (72°F), making walks along the island’s seafronts come evening an amazing experience. Although June technically sits within the Caribbean’s hurricane season, it’s extraordinarily rare for a storm to hit Cuba in June. Should you be worried, many travel insurance policies to the island include hurricane cover, however the worst you’re likely to experience is some rainfall. Helping to reduce the island’s humidity levels, June sees an average precipitation level of 80 mm, with this amount falling the further south you head. It falls on an average of 14 days in the month. *Please note that the team here at Locally Sourced Cuba Tours can do a lot of things, but unfortunately we cannot predict the weather. We can only base our predictions about the weather in Cuba in June, on previous years and averages.

Things to do in Cuba in June

The temperatures that cities like Havana reach during June make for ideal beach weather. And with almost 6,000 km of coastline, there’s certainly no shortage of places to enjoy all the Cuban coast is able to offer, whether you’re looking for cocktails beside a pool, or an adventure among the waves. Cuba offers some magical snorkelling locations, as far afield as Playa Giron on the Bay of Pigs and Guardalavaca in the far east of the country. For heavenly seclusion you can do no better than the string of islands that stretch across the country’s northern coast known as cayos, while the thin peninsula of Varadero offers a little bit of everything. Just a couple of hours from Havana by road, the Varadero Peninsula boasts 20 km of prime sands, alongside small nature reserves, lively bars and restaurants, and more water sports than you probably thought possible, from kayaking to sea fishing. With the heat such as it is, hailing one of Cuba’s aging taxi fleet, made up of the now classic American cars that have plied the roads of the island since before the communist revolution in the late 1950s, is an excellent way of seeing the sights without the effort! Taxi drivers are now well-used to acting as tour guides, and are happy to lead tourists around cities such as Havana. A ride in one of these vintage convertibles is really something of a must when visiting Cuba, and is a great way of getting further afield than the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Havana (Habana Vieja). Take in the mansions of the Miramar district of the capital, and the towers of Vedado, being sure to stop off for an ice cream at the Coppelia parlour – a bustling city institution welcoming 35,000 customers each day – along the way.

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Events in Cuba in June

The most important fishing festival of the year takes place in Cuba in June. The Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament was founded by the American author who spent a decade living on a farm (now a museum open to the public) called Finca Vigia on the edges of Havana. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for works including The Old Man and the Sea, about an aging Cuban fisherman doing battle with a marlin, and was known to adore fishing. Attracting participants from around 30 countries each year, there are prizes for the first catch of the day, largest tuna, and youngest fisherman among others. However, if music and dance is your preferred past time, Cuba in June still has much to tempt you, thanks to the presence of the International Golden Boleros Festival this month. Celebrating the island’s musical heritage through the boleros musical genre, the festival is the oldest of its type in Latin America, having started in 1987. While it may be officially based in Havana, the festival is now spreading right across the island, giving you even more chances to catch the spectacle. Speaking of spectacles, we couldn’t end this account of Cuba in June without mentioning two festivals that take place at the end of the month. The fiestas San Juaneras takes place amid the colonial splendour of the city of Trinidad, while San Juan Camagüeyano takes place in Camaguey. Extending across multiple days, you can expect highly-decorated floats, cultural displays, and an incredible party atmosphere whether you head to Trinidad or Camaguey – which is believed to be the oldest carnival in Cuba, dating back to at least 1770.

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While it may be outside of the traditional holiday period, Cuba in June still provides visitors with an amazing combination of things to do, special annual events, and generally excellent weather.


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