Cuba in November, Weather, Events and Tips

Avg Weather in Cuba in November

11 Hrs per day


11 mm per month

Cuba in November

Cuba in November offers travelers a delightful transition into more reliable weather, despite still being technically part of the island's wet season. With the rainy weather subsiding, November provides an excellent opportunity to explore Cuba's diverse attractions without the concern of frequent downpours. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, history buff, or foodie, there's a wide range of activities to enjoy in Cuba in November to suit every interest and passion. Additionally, November in Cuba is adorned with special events and festivals that showcase the island's rich culture and heritage, adding an extra layer of excitement to your trip. So, if you're planning a visit to sub-tropical Cuba in November, prepare for a memorable adventure filled with pleasant weather, diverse experiences, and vibrant festivities.

Weather in Cuba in November

November sits in a shoulder period between the worst of the humidity and rain of summer, and the peak tourist season of December to February. The fall in temperature that comes with the end of the wet season means the average daytime temperature in Cuba is now a very pleasant 24°C (75°F), regarded by many as the perfect temperature for sightseeing and taking in all the glories of the country. Even the daily highs of 28°C (82°F) are unlikely to cause any real discomfort when wandering the colonial streets of the capital or further afield, while at night you’ll be able to enjoy temperatures of around 19°C (66°F). Take a light jumper when out and about after dark and you’ll be absolutely fine. If you’re rightly considering a trip to the beach while in Cuba in November, then the sea temperature will be of equal importance to you as the air temperatures. The good news is that the waters around Cuba are warm throughout the year, and hold steady at an incredible 28°C, just like the daytime highs. The sun won’t let you down either. Even at the end of November visitors can be sure of an average of eight hours of sunshine per day of 11 hours of daylight, which is very likely a huge contrast to the weather you are trying to escape back home. What’s more, records show that only seven of November’s days are marked as wet on average, with just 40 mm of rain falling across the month. That said, the level of humidity remains high (as it does almost all year round in Cuba) at 86%. And while November may officially lie within Cuba’s hurricane season, the risk is actually very low, with a storm hitting the island at this time of year very rare indeed. *Please note that the team here at Locally Sourced Cuba Tours can do a lot of things, but unfortunately we cannot predict the weather. We can only base our predictions about the weather in Cuba in November, on previous years and averages.

Things to do in Cuba in November

November sees near-perfect strolling and sightseeing weather, with temperatures neither too cold nor too hot for exploring all the natural and historic wonders that the island boasts. For those centred in or around Havana, you won’t want to miss the glories of Habana Vieja, the UNESCO World Heritage listed colonial Old Town, now 500 years old. Take in the central squares that are the thriving heart of the Cuban capital, and ensure you have your camera to hand since every street corner unveils yet another wonderful vista, combining stunning architecture, atmosphere, and Cuba’s unique je ne sais quoi. A short drive away from Habana Vieja by vintage convertible are the towers of the central business district around the Vedado neighbourhood, while Miramar is awash with majestic mansions, linked to the historic centre of the city by the Malecon seafront promenade. It holds an important social function for Cuban locals, as well as being an amazing place to watch the sun set on another day in the Caribbean. But Cuba is more than just Havana, with magical colonial towns to the south, west, and east of the capital. To the south, for instance, you’ll find Santa Clara and Trinidad. Santa Clara is intrinsically linked to the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power – an action that changed Cuba for ever, while Trinidad’s narrow cobbled streets are all colour, sound, and wonderous aromas. West of Havana there’s Vinales, a traditional area of farmland surrounded by natural beauty that has become the bedrock of the country’s famed cigar industry, growing much of the tobacco that’s rolled into the cigars, while to the far east of the country you’ll find the likes of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba’s second city and another UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. One of the finest places on the island to explore Spanish colonial architecture, it’s also known as one of the best places to absorb authentic Cuban culture.

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Events in Cuba in November

For a more unusual way to discover all the Cuban capital has to offer, why not sign up for the Marabana Marathon, which has been held in Havana since 1987? Laying claim to a participation close to one million, the Marabana Marathon must also be one of the friendliest race routes in the diary. Passing through some of the most important streets in Habana Vieja, Central Havana, and the district of Vedado, the day hosts not only the full two-lap marathon of 26.2 miles, but also a half marathon, and ten- and five-kilometre races, making it an event that can be enjoyed by all ages. Also towards the beginning of the month is the two week Habana Clasica Music Festival, an event you don’t need to train for! It began in 2003 to celebrate the musicianship of the eighteenth-century Cuban composer Esteban Salas, after whom the festival was first named. Over fourteen days, soloists, quartets and orchestras come together to form a programme that includes not only concerts but masterclasses and street performances in some of Havana’s most important plazas. For those who prefer their music a little more contemporary, be in Cuba at the end of November, for that’s when the Havana Jo Jazz Festival takes place. Hosted by the Amadeo Roldán Theatre, the headquarters of the national symphony orchestra, the festival welcomes jazz musicians and composers from both Cuba and the wider world, with an emphasis on talent beneath the age of 30. Youthful as a result, the festival includes an awards ceremony that sees winners record alongside the Cuban pianist Chucho Valdez.

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Temperatures in the middle to high twenties Celsius, and very little rain despite the month being within the country’s official wet season, make Cuba in November a very attractive time of year for those looking to explore the island’s expansive history and diary of events.


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