No matter where in the world you might be planning to take a holiday, you will undoubtedly be able to find a vast number of websites and brochures claiming how child friendly your intended destination is.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to take your kids to Disneyland or Baghdad, you will find much written about how much fun your kids will have. This is clearly not always the case, and many places that make a big deal about their child-friendly credentials might be stretching the truth a little.

Taking a family trip to Cuba is amongst the destinations where your kids (and you too, of course) are bound to have a barrel of fun. This might not seem like the case at first glance, as activities and attractions just for the little ones seem to be rather hard to spot.

The thing about Cuba is that there are so many things that both you and your children will enjoy, and there’s not the child/adult segregation that seems to be a selling point of so many family holiday destinations.

So what do you need to know about taking the family to Cuba for an unforgettable holiday?

Things for Kids to Do in Cuba

Children are included in almost all aspects of Cuban family life, and while you’re in the country you might see young children out with their families at a time where children in other countries might ordinarily be in bed.

Although it’s not as though there are children sipping mojitos and sucking on cigars at bars in the small hours of the morning. Because so many activities that Cuban children so often take part in will revolve around family life, recreational facilities aimed directly at children can be hard to find.

Fortunately there are a few options for a family trip to Cuba that just allow you to relax while your kids play and explore.

  • If you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, there will be a number of “Kids Club” style of activities to choose from.
  • In Havana, take your kids to Parque La Maestranza. It’s a fun park located on the Malecón (the esplanade that runs along the water). The entry price is very reasonable and there are a huge number of attractions to keep the younger members of your family happy.
  • Your kids will appreciate Callejon de Hammel (and so will you). It’s an alleyway (also in Havana) where artists have been allowed to take over and the whole area is garishly and wonderfully coloured. It’s like something out of a storybook. Callejon de Hammel can be found between Calle Espada and Calle Aramburu.
  • It’s no shock to learn that salsa dancing is rather popular in Cuba. Some of the larger towns and cities will have dance schools that offer classes for children. It’s really just a fun dance afternoon that kids will love, and it gives you a chance to chill out and watch your kids have fun. Ask at your hotel for nearby dance schools.

Budgeting When Travelling with Kids

Regardless of whether you are taking a family trip to Cuba or are flying solo, you need to budget. You can’t rely on plastic for purchases in Cuba, as credit cards are not widely accepted (and cards issued by US-based banks are not accepted at all).

ATMs are as rare as hen’s teeth in Cuba, even in a large city like Havana. You can go without refreshments until you’re able to withdraw cash, but it can be a different case with children. Make sure you have enough cash for cold drinks and other assorted treats to keep the little ones happy.

If they’ve been good (and yeah, even if they haven’t been) you can take them to Coppelia, a mammoth ice cream store located between Calles 21 and 23 in central Havana (it takes up the whole block). It’s an awesome place to chill out for young and old alike, and you’ll appreciate the very cool retro look of the store.

Stocking up Before Your Family Trip to Cuba

Stock up on certain items before you come to Cuba. Bring band-aids and pain relief designed especially for children, as well as anything else your kids might need. These items are rather hard to track down in Cuba, and you don’t want to be wandering the streets looking for children’s painkiller to soothe a child-sized headache.

The same goes for basic sanitary items, such as toothpaste and toothbrushes. If getting your little one to brush is a struggle at the best of times, be sure to bring their favourite brand of toothpaste since you definitely won’t be able to find it while on your family trip to Cuba. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

The climate in Cuba is glorious, but the sun can be particularly harsh on young, sensitive skin.

A family trip to Cuba will create memories that you and your family will cherish forever. Keep an eye on the older children though, since many stores in Cuba will happily sell beer to teenagers!

Do you want to have an amazing family trip in Cuba?

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