YouTube videos about Cuba you have to see. We’ve chosen a few videos that should help you to get a feeling for Cuba. Some of them are professional and polished, and some of them are happily amateur, and yet all of them show you the many faces of Cuba in all its glory

When it comes to videos about Cuba, there’s something about watching a video of your intended destination that just makes it more real. Instead of relying upon a static image (with various filters applied to make it look even more pristine), you get to see a wandering image, one that can be compared to the human eye as you actually look around and take in all the light and beauty around you.

Chances are that you’ll upload a few your own videos when you get back from Cuba!

1. Madonna Celebrating a Birthday in Havana

The recently renewed friendly relations between the US and Cuba are well captured in this video. A certain American Material Girl celebrated her birthday in Havana. While she might be great on stage Madonna has a very ‘interesting’ salsa dancing technique.

But this is Cuba! Whether you’re famous or not, the bars and clubs of Cuba are used to visitors wanting to join in the joy of Cuban dancing… regardless of your level of skill. It’s all about having a go. While there are a huge number of dance classes geared towards foreigners wanting to hone their skills, this is not necessary. It’s rather possible that you will consider yourself to be an expert after a few Mojitos anyway, but hey… you’re on holiday.

2. Musical Icons at the Top of Their Game

Along with delicious alcoholic concoctions and cigars, the music of Cuba is an export that has been warmly welcomed by the rest of the world. Traditional Cuban music has a gentle and mournful quality that is nothing short of captivating. There’s not a huge amount of ageism in the industry unlike many parts of the world. You don’t have to be  youngster in order to achieve mainstream success.

This is one of the videos about Cuba that you might have already seen, and it makes an ideal soundtrack for planning your holiday. Some of the featured musicians were well into their 80s when this recording was made, so maybe there is something about the Cuban lifestyle that leads to longevity and productivity? Perhaps this is a good reason for drinking rum on a more regular basis.

3. YouTube Videos about Cuba: View from the Top

The idea of a drone flying over Cuba might have some unsettling connotations, but remember that most drones exist for people to take selfies from a height, as opposed to those powerful military aircraft that can launch missiles while being piloted from afar. This drone footage is one of the most stunning videos about Cuba you could hope for. It’s a simple aerial view of one of the island nation’s most popular tourist hotspots – the resort beach of Varadero.

It looks like a tourism video of sorts, and yet it’s just a simple flyover which allows the natural beauty of the region to shine through. Watching this video, you can see why even the most amateur of photos and videos of Cuba look like they’ve been professionally shot for a tourism brochure. It’s easy when you have such a stunningly gorgeous model! 

4. Where Those Cigars Begin Their Journey

Have cigarettes cheapened the act of smoking? You are no doubt familiar with those reviled cigarette smokers, all crammed together in their smoking areas in public places as other people stare like they’re an endangered species at a zoo. And let’s not even get started with those e-cigarette smokers, all walking around as they suck on a piece of metal.

Sure, you’re going to see cigarette smokers in Cuba, but the cigar is king on the island nation. While this is not one of those videos about Cuba that makes smoking look glamorous, but it certainly makes the whole act of creating the cigar both beautiful and soothing. Just check out that bold red dirt where the actual crops are growing! This footage was captured in Viñales, a rural paradise just a short hop from Havana.

5. YouTube Videos About Cuba: A Slice of Life in Trinidad

It can be nice to watch something that gives a broad general overview. This video simply allows the camera to take in the streets of Trinidad, a city of around 75,000 inhabitants pretty much in the geographic centre of the island. It shows the real Cuba – somewhere that is beautiful and not in the slightest bit pretentious. It gives you a great idea of what to actually expect when you come to this wondrous place, when you’re out and about and taking in the sights.

Trinidad is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage site, which gives funds that allow for much of the town to be lovingly maintained, which is evident in the footage.

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