8 Day Cuba Group Tour

8 Day/ 7 Night Cuba Group Tour

LIVELY CUBA - LOCAL, PERSONAL AND AUTHENTIC Tour begins every Sunday in Havana

8 Days/ 7 Nights Groups 2-15 Private air-conditioned transportation Stay in B&B / Guesthouse accommodation Ensuite bathrooms Local English-speaking guide


There are three different levels of B&B Style (Casa) accommodation you can choose from when book our 8 Day Cuba Group Tour. The pricing below is inclusive of Accommodation, Transportation, Airport Transfers, Local Guide, and a Selection of Activities and Excursions

Tour Package Staying in Standard/Authentic Cuban B&B Style Accommodation

Single Room: Euro€760.00 

Double/Twin Room: Euro€690.00pp 

Triple Room: Euro€645.00pp

Tour Package Staying in Upgraded Cuban B&B Style Accommodation

Single Room: Euro€995.00 

Double/Twin Room: Euro€805.00pp 

Triple Room: Euro€755.00pp

Tour Package Staying in Superior B&B Style Accommodation in Havana, Upgraded Elsewhere

Single Room: Euro€1115.00 

Double/Twin Room: Euro€885.00pp 

Triple Room: Euro€820.00pp

You can learn more about the different B&B Categories and see some of our preferred options through the link below:

Tour Schedule

Our 8 Day/ 7 Night Lively Cuba Group Tour begins every Sunday in Havana.

Tour Introduction

Is there a place in the Caribbean with more vibrancy and authenticity than Cuba? If there is, it’s more of a secret than the sublime places we’ll be showing you on your 8 Day Cuba Group Tour. This is going to be the holiday you will never forget. While Cuba is known for producing cigars, rum, and revolutionaries, there will also be a countless number of cherished cultural memories created during your 8 days in Cuba.

*B,L,D denotes breakfasts, lunches and dinners included.
*Please note that the map is for illustration purposes only and does not indicate the path you will follow across Cuba or the type of transportation included. 


While our group tours are designed for those who want to experience the real Cuba, it is still important that our travellers are as comfortable as possible while on tour. A good start to your Cuban experience included having a stress free arrival, staying hydrated and being able to keep in touch with loved ones back home. For this reason we include the following on all of our Cuba group tours. ⭐Your airport transfer on arrival and departure (Havana airport) ⭐Bottled water on longer car journeys between destinations (2+ hours). ⭐Internet access cards (2 hours) that you can use to access the internet at various Wifi Hotspots, ETECSA offices and hotels across the country.

Included Activites


Naturally, there are also a range of optional activities and excursions you can enjoy on your 8 day Cuba group tour which your local guide will recommend and help organise.

Meals included: Breakfasts, 1 x lunch, 1 x dinner


8 Days with 7 Nights Accommodation Included

Low Single Supplement

Your own room for only a small extra charge on our 8 day Cuba group tour.

Local English-Speaking Guide

A passionate, local, English-speaking guide to show you the Cuba they love, and hope you fall in love with

B&B Accommodation

Casa Particulares/ B&B's/ Guesthouses - a cultural experience unique to Cuba. Ensuite facilities and air-conditioning whenever possible

Group Size

2 - 15 people

Guaranteed Departures

We only need two people booked on a group tour, to guarantee its departure (no minimum booking requirement)

Private Transportation

Private air-conditioned transportation between destinations

Airport Transfers

We include your airport transfer on arrival and departure (Havana airport only)

Download our 8 Day/ 7 Night Cuba Group Tour Brochure here:

About This Tour


Why we love this trip:

  • 8 days in Cuba gives you enough time to gain a truly unique insight into Cuba and the people who call her home.
  • Though the tour is exhaustive, it’s certainly not exhausting, with plenty of spare time to explore Cuba on your own (particularly its remarkable nightlife).
  • You’ll get to see the glory of Viñales – a stunningly beautiful village that’s also the heart of Cuba’s tobacco production.
  • The beaches you used to love might not seem so special after some of the beaches you’ll experience on our 8 day Cuba group tour.
  • If you don’t already have a taste for Cuban cocktails, you probably will after this tour! And of course, you’ll learn how to make your own under friendly, expert tutelage.
  • Take in the French-inspired architecture of Cienfuegos.
  • You’ll visit the final resting place of the iconic (and controversial) Che Guevara.
  • The people of Cuba. Meeting the locals might well be your most-loved part of our 8 day Cuba group tour.

Is this Cuba tour for me?

Our Cuba group tours are perfect for those who want the freedom and flexibility to travel at their own pace, along with the security, camaraderie and cultural insight that comes from travelling with a local English-speaking guide and small group.

  • Age is just a number… well that’s what we think anyway. Our tours suit a particular travel ethos, rather than age group. Our ideal traveller is someone that wants to immerse themselves in Cuban culture and experience everything that makes Cuba so unique.. the amazing, the confusing and the confounding. 
  • Cuban B&B’s (Casa Particulares) are family run business which are set-up to provide B&B style accommodation to foreigners – a unique cultural experience. Casa’s are generally much nicer than normal Cuban dwellings but can be more basic than foreigners are used to. It is important to remember that each room at a Casa is unique in its size and set-up. Whether you stay in a hotel or Casa, sometimes power cuts and breaks in hot water are unavoidable in any developing country.
  • Part of the experience of traveling through Cuba is experiencing Cuban resourcefulness. Spare parts are often difficult and expensive to come by, so don’t be surprised if your notice that ‘Cuban innovation’ has been used to keep various things working.
  • Access to the internet in Cuba is getting better but can still be variable, slow and unreliable. It is also relatively expensive to get online at a hotel or one of the various Wifi zones that have been set-up across the country. Traveling through Cuba offers a great opportunity to take a break from your electronic devices and have a truly relaxing experience.
  • Cuba is a unique travel destination and that is what makes it so popular. It is part of the ‘laid back Caribbean’ and things don’t always go to plan or schedule. A great sense of humour and patience are qualities that will go along way in making your stay in Cuba an enjoyable one.
Want to experience the real Cuba, away from the crowds?

Estimated travel times:

It can be a little annoying when a tour group is rushed from place to place, but this doesn’t happen on our 8 day Cuba group tour. A leisurely pace of life is something the Cuban people pride themselves on, so on a longer journey we will of course stop for lunch, a chance to stretch your legs, and to take in the beauty of your surroundings. Your approximate travel times on your 8 day Cuba group tour will be as follows:

  • From Havana to Cienfuegos (via Bay of Pigs): 5 hours
  • From Cienfuegos to Trinidad (via Santa Clara): 3 hours
  • From Trinidad to Havana: 5 hours
  • From Havana to Viñales: 3 hours

To download our Cuba drive times map (click here).


All private transportation is included between destinations and for any activities/ excursions included in your itinerary that require transportation to and from the activity. Any extra transportation requirements can be organised through your Cuban guide and paid for locally in Cuba.  

Public transport in Cuba can be amusingly chaotic, but this is not something that you’ll need to be concerned about. You will be driven from destination to destination in comfort, using private transportation, with air conditioning of course, which you will probably be rather thankful for!

Spending money on tour:

Everyone spends their money differently while on tour. Some days you might be tempted to spend a little more, and other days you might not. It’s completely up to you. Many of your primary expenses are included in your 8 day Cuba group tour, but you will need to consider other expenses, namely drinks, food, souvenirs, tips and of course, any optional excursions and activities. We estimate that you will need approximately €45.00 Euro to €60.00 Euro per person, per day to cover your local expenses.

Travel to Cuba from the U.S.:

For those traveling to Cuba from the U.S. (regardless of nationality), please note that the documentation we will include with your booking will help ensure your compliance with current U.S. travel restrictions (515.574 Support for the Cuban People). In addition to retaining your itinerary, please keep records of your booking receipt, airline receipt, and any supplemental insurance purchased. You should retain these copies for 5 years after your travel. Some of our travelers have been asked to furnish these upon application for Global Entry, Pre-Check, and other programs with TSA oversight.


How to sum up Havana? This complex, culturally-rich, and fascinatingly contradictory city can perhaps be described in a single word: Alive. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle, but our expert local guides will ensure that your 8 day Cuba group tour will never be overwhelming. It’s important to remember that the first day of your 8 days in Cuba is considered to be a joining day, so any activities on this day will depend on what time your flight arrives. While there are no activities planned on this first part of the tour, your accommodation will have been arranged and you have the option to meet your guide and fellow tour members for a delicious dinner.

The heart of this scintillating city is undoubtedly Havana’s Old Town (La Habana Vieja). This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a sublime assault on your senses, with the beauty of the colonial era architecture combining with the spirit of the locals to make an experience that almost feels like some kind of immersive theatre production. Many of the main points of interest are within a conveniently close proximity to each other, so you can experience much of the city on foot (so be sure to pack some comfortable walking shoes). If you want to spend extra time in Cuba’s capital, we will be very happy to arrange your accommodation, and our expert guides will be able to give you some great recommendations about what parts of the city (and surrounding countryside) you should explore on your own.  You can also book any extra day tours you might be interested in, through our sister organisation – Locally Sourced Havana Tours – www.havanatourcompany.com


  • Authentic, Upgraded or Superior B&B’s


  • Airport Transfer on Arrival (Havana airport)


  • No meals included on this day

Cienfuegos is often referred to as the Paris of the Caribbean, but upon arrival, you’ll wonder why anyone needs to compare this pearl of a city to anywhere else. There’s also a treat on the way to Cienfuegos. We’ll make a stop at Playa Girón, which is otherwise known as the Bay of Pigs. This infamous spot was where the US attempted to stage an invasion of Cuba, which was ultimately a failure… and a big one at that.

At the Bay of Pigs, you can visit the local museum to learn more about the areas history and there will also be time for some swimming and snorkelling on one of Cuba’s best reefs.

And then it’s time to go to Cienfuegos, whose Parisian comparisons come from the French settlers who made the city their home. Many of them came to Cuba from other territories in the New World and their architectural influence on the city is obvious.

The wide boulevards and expansive parklands are ravishing, and history is on proud display at every turn. At the entrance to the harbour you’ll see the Castillo de Jagua, an ancient fort that allowed the city to withstand the pirate attacks that were once common in Cuba. Many buildings in the town have been given UNESCO world heritage status, and you might think you’ve never seen such a beautiful town… until we show you some other places on your 8 day Cuba group tour.

Take a gentle stroll through Parque José Martí, and then spend some time sitting by the  oceanfront Malecón. Though perhaps not as well-known as the walkway of the same name in Havana, the Malecón in Cienfuegos is actually the longest seaside esplanade in the whole country.


  • Authentic or Upgraded B&B’s


  • Swim/ Snorkel at the Bay of Pigs
  • Visit Museum Giron

  • Guided Orientation Walk of Cienfuegos City

  • 1 x Drink at the impressive Palacio de Valle


  • Breakfast

Your journey to Trinidad features a stop in the city of Santa Clara to pay your respects to Cuba’s most famous adopted hero. Argentinian-born Che Guevara became an icon of the Cuban Revolution, and after he died attempting to do in Bolivia what he did in Cuba, his body was unceremoniously buried in an unmarked grave. When his remains were discovered, he was exhumed and brought to Santa Clara for a hero’s burial in a purpose-built mausoleum. Santa Clara was the site of one of the final (and bloodiest) battles in the revolution, the city where Guevara and his rebels successfully derailed a military train carrying weapons and ammunition to be used against Fidel Castro.

And then it’s time to continue to Trinidad, a true delight located in Cuba’s heartland. This city was founded in 1514 and rose to prominence due to the extensive sugar production that took place in the nearby Valley of the Sugar Mills. This came to an end when slavery was abolished in Cuba, and Trinidad’s fortunes began a rapid decline. It has since been painstakingly restored, and the central city is now like a living, breathing, fascinating museum. Take the opportunity to visit a local waterfall, historic sugar mill or one of Cuba’s best beaches – Playa Ancon.


  • Authentic or Upgraded B&B’s


  • Che Guevara Memorial and Museum
  • Guided Trinidad Township Walk


  • There will be some free time at this destination to choose from a range of Optional Activities, that can be organised through your local guide and paid for locally.


  • Breakfast

How will you know you’re getting close to Viñales on your 8 day Cuba group tour? Perhaps it will be the red, rich, fertile soil. Maybe it will be the mogotes – dramatic, circular rock formations that look like a beauty mark jutting upwards from the earth. Maybe it’s the fact that your guide will start to excitedly tell you that you’re almost there! Viñales is reasonably close to Havana, and has been popular with visitors for generations. In the heart of the Pinar del Rio valley, most of Cuba’s tobacco production takes place in and around Viñales. A closer exploration of this remarkable farmland with a succulent lunch at an organic farm is going to be a highlight during your 8 days in Cuba.

When the sun goes down, the village of Viñales comes out to play. There is a remarkable energy to the township, which is deceptive given its relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

* Please note that the drive between Trinidad and Vinales can be lengthy (8+ hours). For this reason, your guide might recommend that you come back as far as Havana on this day and travel to Vinales on the following morning. 


  • Authentic or Upgraded Casa’s/ B&B’s


  • Guided Orientation Walk of Vinales Township
  • Tobacco Farm and Drying House


  • There will be some free time at this destination to choose from a range of Optional Activities, that can be organised through your local guide and paid for locally.


Day 5

  • Breakfast

Day 6

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch at an Organic Farm

Oh Havana, you’re so heavenly. It’s time to head back to the Cuban capital for the last days of your tour. There will be a number of arranged activities, plus plenty of chances to explore at your own leisure. Don’t forget that there are a couple of amazing treats waiting for you during these last days of your 8 day Cuba group tour. You’ll get to see all the different elements of the city while on four wheels in one of those classic American cars that the island is famous for. You’ll also be taken to one of our favourite spots in the whole city, a rooftop terrace in Havana’s Old Town. You will be taught how to make a delicious mojito (or a non-alcoholic alternative if you prefer) before enjoying a stunning dinner with your guide and the fellow members of your 8 day Cuba group tour. Is there a better way to end your 8 days in Cuba than with a relaxing dinner while watching the sun go down over one of the most glorious cities in the world?

Day eight of the tour is time to say goodbye, with no scheduled activities. This means you are free to leave at any time, depending on when your flight leaves. But of course, your expert local guide can give you suggestions about what to do if you happen to have much of the day free. You could, of course, simply perch yourself in one of Havana’s sublime plazas and watch the world go by…


  • Authentic, Upgraded or Superior B&B’s


  • Convertible Classic Car Tour
  • Roof-top Mojito Making Lesson 


Day 7

  • Breakfast
  • Farewell Dinner

Day 8

  • Breakfast
  • Airport Transfer on departure (Havana airport)

Meet our locally sourced team

Our single supplement policy:

It can be a common annoyance when you travel by yourself on a group tour. Why do you need to be charged a large single supplement fee for your accommodation? We don’t know why this is, and we don’t like it anymore than you do! This is why we keep our single supplement fee as low as possible,  if you happen to be making your way to Cuba as a solo adventurer on one of our Cuba group tours. You will still have the option of sharing a room, but it’s entirely up to you.

Airport transfer:

Your 8 day Cuba group tour includes being picked up at Havana’s José Martí International Airport and delivered to your accommodation in the city. For your departure, your guide can help you to arrange transportation at a time that’s convenient for you. 

Fitness requirements:

While there are some optional activities and excursions that could be considered to be physically strenuous, the vast majority of your 8 days in Cuba will not be physically demanding. Having said that, you will need to have an average level of fitness and mobility. There will be a lot of exploration on foot, and so you should be able to walk without the assistance of another person. Please also remember that you will be required to carry your own luggage in many instances, as well as being able to enter and exit the tour bus. Some attractions and accommodations also require you to climb stairs.

Accommodation on tour:

We just know you’re going to love staying in a Casa Particular. These Cuban bed and breakfast establishments offer a taste of authentic life on the island. Their increasing popularity is a reflection of how Cuba is easing a lot of former restrictions on private enterprise. This allows Cuban families to convert a section of their home into accommodation, giving them a stream of income, while also allowing visitors to stay in a more welcoming environment than most hotels are able to offer. You’ll have privacy while still being able to interact with the locals as much as you want. It’s a stark difference to most types of accommodation, and you will truly be made to feel welcome – you might forget that you’re a paying guest and not a long lost member of the family, and this is all part of the fun. Some accommodation providers are in older buildings without an elevator. If you believe that your physical capabilities will make it difficult to climb stairs, simply let us know. We will be able to find you a suitable alternative. And if you should want to spend a few extra days in Havana (and who wouldn’t?), please let us know. You can easily use our online form when making your booking to arrange additional accommodation as needed.

Our 8 Day / 7 Night Cuba Group Tour uses Authentic Casa/ B&B accommodation with the opportunity to upgrade to ‘upgraded’ or ‘superior’ options.  You can learn more about staying in Casa’s here.

Authentic Casa Buenos Aires in Havana
Upgraded Casa Azul Habana in Havana
Superior Casa Cuarteles in Havana


Our 8 Day Cuba Group tour – Lively Cuba, condenses some of the very best sites, sounds and sensations of Cuba into a fun-filled, culture-ladened adventure. Tour begins every Sunday in Havana! Please click on the button below to check availability and make an enquiry.

Supporting the Cuban people:

All of our Cuba group tours are dedicated to supporting the Cuban people, patronizing privately owned small businesses across Cuba.

Your itinerary is compliant with current U.S. travel restrictions and is designed to introduce you to the local Cuban people and steer funds towards its citizens. On our Cuba group tours you will stay in Casa Particulares (privately run Cuban B&B’s) and eat at Paladares (privately run restaurants). You will also have the chance to interact with Cuban’s from all walks of life, listening to their stories, and sharing your own.

Want to experience the real Cuba on our 8 Day Group Tour?

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