Things to Do in Camagüey photo

Top 8 Things to Do in Camagüey, Cuba

Located in the eastern half of Cuba, Camagüey is one of the island’s gems. Dating back to its foundation by Spanish colonists in the early 1500s, just a few years after Christopher Columbus reached the new world for the first … Read More

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The 6 Simple Steps You Need to Go to Cuba

Introduction – what do you need to go to Cuba? Cuba is a unique destination with a whole series of reasons to make visiting top of your bucket list, from incredible architectural sights and fantastically welcoming locals to its astonishing … Read More

what to do in cienfuegos

What to Do in Cienfuegos: Our Top 8

Located on Cuba’s stunning southern Caribbean coastline, Cienfuegos is unique in Cuba in that it was settled by immigrants from France rather than from Spain, the country’s colonial ruler. That French heritage continues to demonstrate itself through the Parisian style … Read More

what to do in vinales

What To Do in Vinales – 11 Top-Notch Activities

The green wonderland of landscapes in and around Vinales hark back to the days when Cuba was a paradise of lush vegetation amid a patchwork-quilt of farms. It is here, among craggy eruptions of limestone known as mogotes, that much … Read More

Some Of Our Favourite Privately Owned Boutique Hotels in Havana

The relaxation of laws relating to the Cuban accommodation scene over recent years to allow private owners to open up hotels (previously the sole remit of the government) has resulted in a much greater choice of accommodation options for those … Read More

Communication in Cuba

Communication in Cuba – be it sending a postcard, making a phone call, or writing an email – is getting easier all the time, although it can still appear complicated compared to many other holiday destinations. A little planning ahead … Read More

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Cuba Visitor Visa

If you’ve fallen in love with the thought of exploring Cuba but are worried about the process of getting a visa, then read on. We’ll explain the ins and outs of what is actually generally a very quick and simple … Read More


Unsure How to Get Internet in Cuba? We’ll Show You How!

Long gone are the days of old when travelling abroad on holiday meant complete seclusion from friends and family back home until the arrival (probably after your own return) of the postcard you sent. These days, thanks to the rapid … Read More

6 Cool Reasons to Visit Cuba in Winter Time

Isn’t Cuba a summer destination of sun, sea and sand? Not so, or more correctly, not entirely! The truth is Cuba is a phenomenal country to visit at any time of year. And as it turns out, there are a … Read More

7 Handy Hints to Help You Experience Cuba Like a Local

The selfie stick is one of those things you probably wish you thought of, since you know whoever came up with the idea has made so much money it’s probably obscene. But fads pass, and selfie sticks are nowadays cluttering … Read More